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Path of Spirit

Sep 21, 2018

When heaven is within
Grace ~ both magical & ordinary

Sep 19, 2018

Easeful Being
this uncomplicated Life
Saying For Today: "I am speaking of a way of wisdom wherein we do not seek escape from Life, or pain, or confusion, or complication, or fear ... but in-scape into an intimacy with Life and what arises within Life, ..."

Sep 13, 2018

A Welcoming of Unmediated Grace
Knowing that before one or two

Sep 11, 2018

The Joy of Simply Being-With
Contemplative Way of Helping... of Sharing
Saying For Today: "This prayerful posture welcomes a sense of groundlessness, a releasing of control of process and sense of destination. One discovers that freedom from time as a progression from and toward allows a resting-with the other, an allowing the other to be free in the sacredness of his or her solitude, and solitude meets solitude."

Sep 6, 2018

Dancing the Answers ~ Harmony of Spirit & matter
Where contentment always is
Saying For Today: "This harmony, this dance of Spirit and matter, is dancing you and me, everything."

Sep 3, 2018

Touch of Grace ~ beautified to beautify
Saying For Today: "Love beautifies us, to beautify. In Grace, we are Grace for each other, we are loved and healed together, in intimacy, in Presence."

Sep 2, 2018

Freedom from the Known
Saying For Today: "Possibly, the best response to Mystery, if a best could be, is laughter. Could it be the freedom we long for is freedom within the Mystery, as part of Mystery? Possibly, yes, we long to be free from the known."

Aug 30, 2018

intimacy arising within Intimacy
the Withinness that is Grace

Aug 29, 2018

You exposed ~ a beautiful revelation
intimacy with intimacy

Aug 28, 2018

So intimate ~ Intimacy
the Holy the Whole
Saying For Today: "Our challenge is the ego does not like this simplicity; the ego interprets simple as too simple or simplistic. "

Aug 24, 2018

welcoming the Buddha in the Bible Belt
this seeing communion

Aug 23, 2018

doing something & doing nothing & now
intimacy with Intimacy~with~All
Saying For Today: "A doing-and-not-doing free of the push, the greed, of necessity. In Grace, all is happening gracefully, for Grace is free of the neediness to act, to prove anything, even to protect Itself."

Aug 22, 2018

alone & not Alone
Commuion our natural atmosphere
Saying For Today: "This aloneness, when apart or with others, is a spacious solitariness I can embrace gladly as integral to the particular way the Way manifests for me, and likely many others."

Aug 20, 2018

Love loving on the prison grounds
the grace of Presence
Saying For Today: "We just totally miss it, sometimes. We like to assign Love to some places, so not others. Love does not allow that. When we agree with Love being Love, we sense Love showing up everywhere."

Aug 19, 2018

Apple beer and phantom guilt
Working intelligently with afflictive feelings
Saying For Today: "One does not necessarily choose this, it happens, like a sneeze or a fart or getting hungry or laughter or sadness or sexual arousal or yelling if stung by a bubble bee."

Aug 18, 2018

Welcome, Here! ~ the mala episode
the Impossibility of our not being together
Saying For Today: "We can intuit, even before seeing the otherness as no different than how our way and self is otherness to others, that the Holy is Wholeness ~ everything is Wholeness."

Aug 17, 2018

the Moon night & day
Something appearing from the inside

Aug 16, 2018

the Buddha in a plastic bag
jouney of Truth as journey of Love
Saying For Today: "The Journey of truth is not a destination, for Truth reveals Itself, moment-to-moment, in a diversity of truths. And, even one truth can unveil depths we never dreamed lived inside."

Aug 15, 2018

Surprised by Pure Love
a timeless loving

Aug 14, 2018

Feet on the Floor ~ arisings (Reflections)

Aug 13, 2018

We continue ~ Reminences
seeing the Beauty of if all

Aug 10, 2018

meeting & meaning on the Santa Fe River
heart-with-heart happening
Saying For Today: "No one can locate when connection would begin or would end, for this is not a feeling or thought, not arising from body-and-mind. Indeed, someone living from the heart is walking in connection all the time, even sleeping in connection. Connection has become his or her natural atmosphere. This is as natural to him or her as living in dis-connection is for others."

Aug 6, 2018

Meeting yourself everywhere
we are i am
Saying For Today: "When we awaken from the I-am-a-person(ality)-delusion, the falsehood that I am essentially the decorations, the attributes Life wears, we see we meet ourselves everywhere."

Aug 5, 2018

An Intimate & Integrating Involution
with the flow time & timeless
Saying For Today: "Ironically, the Eternal is found in the flow, for the flow is the flow of this Eternal, and we are that flow."

Aug 4, 2018

a dustless Something
Presence beyond apparent experiences of Presence
Saying For Today: "The most eloquent thing I can say of Presence is not to say anything."

Aug 3, 2018

Just-this-happening is enough
suchness ~ prayer happening
Saying For Today: "No separation between prayer and suchness, you and I suchness also and, so, can be being prayer also. No way to make this happen for you or me, this happens when you and I are prepared for prayer, worship, love, grace ... to happen."

Aug 2, 2018

A room with it all
way of relaxed openness
Saying For Today: "With no ideas of how this something, or Something, appears, you relax and let it show itself to you."

Aug 1, 2018

Going you don't no where
The something unknown

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