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Kissed With The Sun

A Love Filling You Up More and More

Jan 1, 2006

Saying For Today: Be assured that with everything you give up, my Love fills you up even more.

Your breath blew against me,
A Wine bottle, I am shattered by Your Love,
Now, my longing, red blood flowing everywhere,
You kiss me with the Sun.

What Life, you give me!

Love Letter From God

You act afraid of Love, though you desire it. You seek it, then, you turn it away. You talk about it, but donít find time for it. Fear denies you the treasure you seek, the affection you pray for. If you don't remain open to My great Love, then, you will settle for lesser loves. If you draw close to Me, I can calm your fears, and you can receive My Love through others whom I have placed in your life. But you must be honest. I love you unconditionally, too much to agree to act like I do not see your untruthfulness about your resistance. I will not let you get away with that, for I know that is not what will help you. The moment you confess your fear, that releases Me to begin helping you find the wisdom and courage to be a great Lover. I donít want you to feel guilty about your fear. To commit to Love, divine Love, is a daunting experience and not to be taken lightly. This Love is what your deepest Self longs for, but it knows that you will be emptied of many of your attachments, if you say Yes. Be assured that with everything you give up, My Love fills you up more. And I am infinitely patient, so I have eternity to give you time to surrender those attachments. With divine Love, you only lose what is keeping you from even more Love. Do you believe that? You must, or you will never remain open to My Love. If you remain open to My Love, in all the ways I send it, Love will keep pouring into your life, and you will never again want to live a moment separate from such freedom and companionship. Remember, I am Love, and I love you, very much.


For 2006, I hope for you Love, in all the ways God will send it into your life!


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