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the joy of sharing nothing~for what I waited long


Jan 5, 2020

Coastal Maine Series no. 1

*Brian Wilcox. 'Coastal Maine Series no. 1'

The small child, wise, Charlie, in Barbara O'Conner's Wish..., speaking of her friend...

I sat on the steps for a while, not talking, watching Howard working on his puzzle. The thing about Howard was, you could be with him and talk or you could be with him and not talk. He liked you either way.

* * *

'...the Son of God is in our face...'

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In a "New Yorker" cartoon appears two Zen monks, robbed and with shaved head, one old, one young. Sitting cross-legged, side-by-side on the floor. The younger with perplexed look. The older, turning toward him, says, "Nothing happens. This is it."

* * *

D. H. Lawrence...

Whom I do not know
But Whose I am

I add... and

Whom I love
Yes, for the less I know You
The more I love You
The more I love
that you and that you and that you...


The more the other becomes to me unknown, nothing
The more she becomes to me the Thou
You are, and she You
and she to You
and me, too

* * *

Why are we humans afraid to sit without words?
Just to be with each other?
To feel the presences we are?
Why do we fill our worship places with words?
Why flee the Silence? Escape the Quiet?
Are we afraid of the power and beauty of Love?
I think so
yes, it seems so

* * *

Have you ever thought of what "nothing" is? No-thing. How do we enjoy nothing, the most precious, when we are constantly told that things will bring us the joy and love we most deeply long for? Yet, in a world of things, you are not a thing, I am not a thing, we are not a thing. Is anything really a thing, after all?

are we really nothing
anything, at all
yet, you appear to me as
a something
a somebody
but, when I look into those eyes
yes, gaze upon your countenance
I see nothing
is it Love
yes, yes, I like that
but isn't "love" a word, nothing
so, I'll look
look to see
so, I'll listen
listen to hear
I'll be with
it's enough, Now,
to enjoy nothing with you, enjoy you
what a joy, yes joy!
the moment you become nothing to me
and I, too, to you
and the 'Son of God' I once sought
you are to me
and I you

* * *

Rabindranath Tagore...

You smiled
and talked to me of nothing
and I felt for this
I had been waiting long

Coastal Maine Series no. 2

*Brian Wilcox. 'Coastal Maine Series no. 2'

*brian k wilcox, 2020


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