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The End of Seeking

Jan 10, 2006

Saying For Today: Brian, I am not to be found, I am to be received….

A Spiritual Teacher had a student with a reputation for unusual zeal and commitment in spiritual practice. Over time the Teacher noticed the man began to look pale and weak. The Teacher asked him, “Son, why are you so impatient in your efforts? You need to take better care of yourself and have more balance in your life.” The man replied, “But I am preparing myself to get to heaven.” “Why,” asked the Teacher, “are you rushing to be ready to get to heaven?” “There is no time to waste,” replied the man. “Odd,” replied the Teacher, “I do not hurry around and rush like you to get ready for heaven, but I see it everywhere all the time. Maybe you, too, would see it, if you would quit working so hard to get there.”

“Once a little fish swam feverously in the Ocean, looking for water. He came upon a wise and aged fish. The little fish spoke, “Sir, can you tell me where water is?” The wise fish said, “All around you.” “But,” replied the little fish, “I thought this was the Ocean.”

Where, God, do I find you?
Where, Brian, am I not?
Did you not see me in the morning Sunlight?
And how about that beautiful moon last night?
And those stars—Wow!
And did you notice when I spoke to you through her kind words, “I do care…”?
… and the smile of that friend today—did you know I was offering you joy to replace the sadness you feel today?
… the conversation and laughter with the little, aged lady at the restaurant this morning—did you see my love in her eyes?
… and memories of that warm fire last evening, and those precious moments of joined prayer?
And, what of that sense of Presence and the tears of bliss as you lifted your hands to the sky, singing to the music this morning?
… and when your beloved dog came over to you and leaned against you, to be touched?

Brian, I am not to be found
I am to be received
Make a place in yourself for me to give myself
And you will see me everywhere.

Where is God meeting you today? Do you see? What does it mean for you to create a space within you to see? Are you too busy to see? Can you slow down some and look deeply?


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