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Horizons Endlessly

Mar 14, 2018


Everyone is Welcome Here

Living in LOVE beyond Beliefs


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Faith is not the clinging to a shrine but an endless pilgrimage of the heart.

*Abraham Joshua Heschel

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Horizons Endlessly

Horizon opens to
Horizon, endlessly,
Vistas still wait
Your eyes
To see.

The body
Is an ocean
Swarming with graces
Mind cannot fathom.

You receive
By Gift,
You lose
By the same
To enjoy

There is a time
To linger by a grave,
A time to dare

A lone wolf
Howls in the night
For darkness calls forth
Its mastery.

Every scar
Says, "You
Are courageous,
For you have chosen
To live."

Tears flowing
Hold within
The promise of
new life.

The poverty of loss
Opens to riches
Your past would not
Let you see.
Your heart has been
Carved to feel the truth
And follow your longings,
By the sufferings you endured
And now give thanks for.

Our lives
Our hearts
Brief the pleasures
Of time, Sweet the intimations
They bear of

However, do not withhold
Your lips from the cusp of matter
Nor close your heart to dreams
You have held dear but have
led to disappointment, for
those seemingly frustrated
hopes form the stairway
you have built from
laughter and tears,
to see those dreams
come true still.

It is in loss
That your faith
In love is tested,
And once tested
Love will give itself
And its treasures
To you.

The Moon
Pours itself out
In the night;
At dawn, the Sun
Shapes your
new life.

Horizon upon Horizon
unknown the way,
blessed those who reply to Grace
"Yes" and "Yes" and "Yes" ...

*Brian Kenneth Wilcox, January 2010

Pilgrims see life as a sacred adventure. Such persons are not like tourists, taking the trip for pleasure. For the pilgrim life is a sacred ritual, a holy undertaking, and each ending is the beginning of a new beginning. Possibly, this is sometimes like taking a step and seeing no ground underneath the feet. Yet, possibly, each moment is like that and our certainty is the grand illusion. For some, such uncertainty is bad news, very bad news. For others, this is good news, very good news. And the pilgrim knows something wonderful can arise from seemingly nowhere and at any time and often does, for he or she allows rather than seeks to control, which is futile after all. We can live with curiosity, living fully the questions, living gladly the unpredictability. See, life is filled with magic, teeming with unseen possibilities, only waiting for "Yes". To remain open to "God" is to remain open to "life".


Grace and Peace to All

The Sacred in Me bows to the Sacred in You

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