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This Lovely Fire

Feb 23, 2018


Everyone is Welcome Here

Living in LOVE beyond Beliefs

Who would cry, awash in Ocean Waves,
"Desert! Oh Desert! so hot and dry!"

Who seeks the Sun,
in daylight full and bright?

Some questions are asked
only to lead you into Silence.

What is the door to that madness?
Love beyond love, there is no way to That.

There are many insanities in the world,
but only One worth giving your Heart to.

Nothing need be said about This ~
Lovely Fire that burns all words away.

Persons are most often drawn to spiritual practice to find calm, inner peace. But the following points to receiving calm not being so easy for us ~ example, in meditation or spiritual contemplation, one often enters into a sense of tranquility, only to find it vanish as soon as one is aware of it and begins to relish the serenity. This is a norm in spiritual practice and teaches us something important few see.

No calm without turbulence, meaning calm becomes more stable and integrated into the body and mind through allowing oneself to see the habitual clinging to agitating thoughts. This habitual clinging is what few see. One may wish to feel well, while hugging unwell thoughts. This is unworkable.

Silence invites a space to see how one can return repeatedly to joylessness and unrest, by choice; one is oddly, in some sense, in-love with disquiet. This one could be given a heaven, and he or she would not be satisfied with it. Most persons are not aware of this, for they do not go deeply enough within themselves, into Silence, of the intimacy they choose with self-created misery. To go deeply enough, enough times into stillness in Silence, one sees this self-created misery arises not from life, such as what is happening outside, but the self itself. This also means there is no self-created peace. The self is the source of the misery within, but cannot source inner peace, for there is no self-peace.

One may not see how he or she fears what is discovered beyond the self, that is Love ~ not sentimental feelings or experiences of love, Love. And within the addiction to disquiet, the egoic game includes the avoidance of Silence, and this avoidance allows one to create the illusion that one is truly not in-love with misery, not avoiding Love.

Silence is the invitation to rest inside the Fire, even to invite the Fire. When ready, when one has suffered enough, one will invite the flames of Love without running or seeing oneself as victim or martyr, and without blaming others or oneself. This one will sit and feel the pain and joy of healing ~ yes, joy ~ , and savor such amazing Grace. One will not seek psychological manipulations, religious superstitions, or pseudo-spiritual techniques to escape. One, having suffered enough the self-created disquiet, does not want an escape. Such a one longs for an inscape, an inscape into Life, a bliss only by passing through the purifying flames, not around them.

Love the One that burns, to burn away that not of Love. Love is the only source and sustenance of peace, within or without. We need the returning to Silence as spiritual practice, for we need the healing pain and consequent inner calm that only Love gives. With time the burning lessens, and the sense and sharing of pure Love increases. This is the gift of Silence.

My Love! My Love!
what Grace
You are
what Gift
You give

to be plunged
into this caldron of blessed burning

to be able to taste
the immaculate sweetnesses of these
most seraphic of kisses

Your kisses ~ You ~
My Love! Our Love!


The Sacred in Me Bows to the Sacred in You

*Lotus of the Heart is an interspiritual work of Brian Kenneth Wilcox, Florida USA. Brian is a practicing spiritual contemplative, interspiritual Chaplain, and writer of nonfiction and poetry.

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