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Contemplation ~ Cultivating Calm & Appreciative Recepitvity

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In such Contemplation we become more and more like one sitting by a river, all kinds of things floating by, and we wakefully watching. We grow to experience Grace through this river of life, and we oft are surprised, yes, as we cannot control the river. We cannot decide what will or will not float before us. Life can totally shift at any moment. In this simple act, we learn Grace is a gift, and life is an expression of Grace, even the painful parts of life. We learn the grace of receiving life, all of it, rather than fussing at life or blaming someone or the Beloved that life is not what we wanted it to be.

* * *

See, Grace does not owe us anything. Grace is, life is. If anyone were to owe anything, that is you, that is I. So, humbly, by a daily practice of quiet prayerfulness, we learn to receive as gift and respond with gratitude. And in being with the river, we are being with the Beloved.

An encouraging scripture, applying to this, is in the Christian Bible, "In all things offer thanks." In grateful quietude, we grow into a palpable sense of the holiness of this journey we are on. In this, our positivity brings inspiration to others. We choose to cultivate this, not only in response to devotion to the Beloved, but to live as a compassionate being on this Earth.

* * *

Following this wisdom you grow to find much joy in the feeling of equanimity, including peacefulness about things that once disturbed you emotionally. The highs and lows lessen, the time in a high or low decreases . Life becomes increasingly calm, appreciative receptivity. I cannot explain this rare gift among us humans, and rare is the person who matures to this point in devotion, it seems. But it is possible, yes it is possible.


Grace and Peace to All

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*Quote from de Fénelon from Spiritual Letters, in The Best of Fénelon, Rev. and Updated by Harold J. Chadwick.

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