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Simply Simple Love

Looking from behind every face

Feb 3, 2018

Saying For Today: This means seeing one Being being in that moment of togetherness. In this communion, love meets love, and two relate as one soul, for we are One soul. We are the Soul.


Everyone is Welcome Here

Living in LOVE beyond Beliefs


Why, friend, do you seek Love?
Love is inside the seeking.
Look through the surface
to see the Depths.
Is not the taste of Wine
in the Wine?
For Love, simply Love,
is looking from behind every face you meet,
offering Herself totally to you.

*Brian K. Wilcox, "Behind Every Face," February 2018.

* * *

A surprising call, indeed, received during a surprising time. I had just tendered my resignation, due to many reasons, but mostly I felt a strong, clear Divine guidance to do so. There were practical reasons, additionally. I had no job to move into at present, but felt a Call for rest, spiritual retreat, and preparation for relocation. My last earthly parent had died. Also, I had moved, partly due to a flooding, three times in recent months. I had worked many hours overtime for two years, much too many for my health to continue to sustain it. And all this while working with death and dying. So, entering this in-between time, what confirmations would I receive affirming I was hearing well and moving in the right direction? After all, I had "misheard" before. One such, of other, confirmations I share here; so, ... and the message is about so much more than the transition I was entering into.

* * *

A phone call came from an RN of a shared patient. The patient was nearing transition toward death. This patient I had visited one time. Initially, the family and patient had declined a visit. On the requested visit, after sharing with family first, while the patient rested in her bedroom on the bed, I sat beside the patient. She shared about dying and, also, her faith in her God. I provided a safe space for her, affirming and reassuring. Near the end, after some forty-five minutes, she asked for prayer. I placed a hand on her arm and prayed, while she rested eyes-closed. What I immediately sensed was a powerful sense of presence covering her and a felt-presence hovering to her left.

Afterward, I counseled a family member of death as spiritual process. Tears flowed from her eyes, as she affirmed how helpful the time had been that day. Later, the RN notified me of how much the family had been inspired by the sharing. I was, somewhat, delightfully surprised; yet, this confirmed, as many times prior, loving patients and families in a simple way, not trying to fix, but mostly being present and allowing them to be loved simply was a powerful gift. Of course, in doing that, I had seen how they had become gifts to me, likewise.

Now, back to that surprising call that began this musing... The family and patient requested to see me again. What was most surprising followed. The RN called informing me the patient, now in pronounced mental confusion, surprised her by having a break in the confusion, saying, "I love Chaplain Brian!" The nurse was alarmed that such clarity could arise from such marked confusion. I was amazed one visit had left such an impression.

I received this as one of the confirmations that the apparently crazy thing of leaving work for a time was a move in the right direction. I felt Grace confirming I had a gift at connecting and comforting through a quiet, contemplative presence. This was likely prepared for by the intense spiritual practice engaged many years. I took this moment as Spirit affirming that gift would be used in another place, in time. I was not moving away from something as much as moving toward something ~ indeed, no one at the company had wanted me to leave, and I had been offered new opportunities at the company to remain. But, I had learned, I am not in charge of my life ~ even to say my is misleading.

A second intuition this dear patient's words confirmed to me is the power of a simple loving. That is, being-with as communion, heart-with-heart, not merely self-with-self. This means sharing from deeper than words, from where words arise to be means of blessing. This means not seeking to give canned answers or fix anyone. This means seeing the other person as more than a person, seeing him or her through person, person being veil. This means appreciating the unique artwork of Grace she or he is in all his or her individuality, as expressing a common Source. This means seeing one Being being in that moment of togetherness. In this communion, love meets love, and two relate as one soul, for we are One soul. We are the Soul.

* * *

The words for this, resonating with me, are simple loving. Simple in the sense of pure, like flowing free of a personal agenda. To me, meditation is mostly this being-with the Sacred, so, likewise, growing to be able to sustain that more with others. With being key here, for Oneness has chosen all this diversity and through this diversity ~ such as the patient and this Chaplain ~, to grace us. This is never about you, me, anyone, as something so much more is happening in that common, sacred space. And this sharing Presence is so much more than simply sharing a common space.

* * *

Again, by request, I visited the family and patient other times. The patient was no longer able to communicate with me, even look at me. Yet, I loved her quietly, and, so, loved myself. For in loving another, we love ourselves. There is only one Love.

* * *

Thank you, dear one. Thank you, for loving me and reminding me of the Gift that arose in the quiet sharing in those moments of deathless communion. Thank you for being you, and for the means of Grace you were and are to me.

*Brian K. Wilcox, February 2018.

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