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The Joy of Being a Purple Tree

You Effortlessly You

Mar 19, 2018


Living in Love beyond Beliefs

Our identity as one is the fecund, creative Ground from which arises spontaneously all the diversity we see and are ~ one comes prior to two, three, ..., so to speak. This being so, our differences point to and express our oneness, while rejecting our diversity in any way is, likewise, a denial and betrayal of our oneness. From where arises oneness? The One, we could say, though that can never aptly express the truth. Celebrating the diversity, you celebrate the Source of diversity.

A little girl brought her picture to the teacher. She had painted a tree purple. The teacher said, somewhat disapprovingly, "Honey, I've never seen a purple tree." "How sad that you haven't," replied the little girl.

* * *

Roses being Roses

A rose does not struggle to be different
from other roses

Each rose, in itself, being itself, flawlessly
is different

A rose does not compete to
stand out as special ~
a rose is with other roses
never against

There is room enough in the garden
for all the different roses expressing
one roseness

Cease trying to be special
~ you already are, everyone is ~
express your unique realness

Your gift to others is you
your sole, never-before youness

Do not first seek how to express this
contact the place in yourself
where this already is ~
where you already are fully you

Then, Life will co-operate with you
to manifest your youness outwardly
in joyful co-creation

However, Life cannot co-operate
with a denial of who you are ~
Grace will not validate a fabrication

So, remember the rose, and express gladly
your uniqueness in the Garden of Life

*Brian K. Wilcox

I have had persons tell me I am different, you know, in that kind of serious, mystified-look way. Two examples... A former mother-in-law told me so angrily ~ I think she wanted her daughter to have married a normal man, but I do not know what normal would have been to her ~ apparently, I was not her kind of normal. One other, my Lieutenant, when I served in a jail system as Chaplain, said, looking intently, "You are different." I looked at him intently, back. He broke the silence, noticeably uncomfortable, "Oh, I don't mean that in a bad way." I smiled, comfortably. Yet, no one has ever given me a description of that, like "How am I different?", "Who decides anyone is different from others?", "Is there a norm out there somewhere?", "Does being different mean some of us are different and some not?" "But, then, if others are different from others, then are not both groups different?" I, regardless, celebrate being seen as different. I do not want to die having simply fit into some idea of normal.

I saw two young men yesterday, here where I live, as they just came from kayaking off the river. I asked about how their trip up-river was for them. They gladly shared. I relished the moments. They looked much different than I was used to, very different, but that was okay. Later, I reflected, seeing how they would have been judged as abnormal, weird, even sinful likely, by people from my childhood. They would have been seen as wrong, not right, outsiders, not insiders. Yet, thankfully, the Beloved challenged this socialization in me through the years, and, now, to feel the joy of seeing the humanness in the amazing tapestry of diversity that makes up humankind, to see this in animals, to embrace it within myself ~ what joy! what sense of Love!

I celebrate I am different, I like being a purple tree. And, yes, many have not liked my being a purple tree; they missed the blessing. Some of them hurt me deeply, but the pain they chose to inflict opened my heart more to Life and the inner beauty within myself, within others, even within them.

I have come to know we need not try to be ourselves, we already are that we are. We see it, we celebrate it, we live it, we do not try to be it. We are each a unique expression of the one Beloved, a ray of the one Light, even as is each leaf, each wave, each rock, each brush of wind against your face, each sunset. Could it be, truly, we are each a purple tree?


Grace and Peace to All

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