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Thought-less Loving ~ spontaneous Intimacy

Feb 18, 2020

The Heart Speaks

Brian Wilcox. 'The Heart Speaks'

The Sage was nearing death. After calling his followers to his bedside, he asked if they wanted to say anything to him. They spoke of their great love for him. After they had finished their last words, the Sage said, "Now you must let go of the last thing that you cling to." Each follower wondered what was this they all clung to. One asked, "What is this last thing we cling to?" "Love," replied the Sage.

Love for others is enhanced by spontaneous Intimacy apart from any idea of needing to love or prove one does love. The closer we are drawn to Love, the more unselfconscious we are in loving others and, so, the less intentional becomes the loving, for loving becomes more the unencumbered outflow of Life. We are invited into loving whereby we act from the natural wish to love, a desire manifesting in an unpremeditated way. This means our loving action becomes more thought-less, so more natural, more with awareness, with joy.

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