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Welcoming the majesty ~ Yes is the beginning

Feb 20, 2020

The Silence Speaks

Brian Wilcox. 'The Silence Speaks'

Chogyam Trungpa, in Great Eastern Sun...

Look at the sun. The sun is shining. Nobody polishes the sun. The sun just shines. Look at the moon, the sky, the world at its best. ... We haven’t really lost anything; we just have to tune in. The majesty of the world is always there.

Thich Nhat Hanh, in Silence...

All the wonders of life are already here. They’re calling you. If you can listen to them, you will be able to stop running. What you need, what we all need, is silence. Stop the noise in your mind in order for the wondrous sounds of life to be heard. Then you can begin to live your life authentically and deeply.

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Two stories...

A young seeker of truth visited the Sage. He asked, "Sir, what's the most important lesson you've learned about seekers of the Way who come to you for guidance?” Replied the Sage, “How very afraid persons are of three things they claim to want so greatly?” The young man inquired, “What are those things?” “Love, freedom, and truth,” remarked the Sage.


A man was born in a room. He lived in that room. The room had only one thing, a chair. The room was his whole world.
Periodically a visitor would say something like, “Hey, don’t you know you could enjoy a sofa?” He would think about it, asking questions. After reflection, he would invite a visitor to bring in the piece of furniture, a plant, a picture, or whatever was suggested to him. Yet, he stayed in that one room.
After filling the room with furniture and a few other things, a visitor said, “Are you aware that you live in a house?” The man said, “A house? Well, I've known that I live in a room, have all my life. I know that's true. But of a house, I know nothing of that.” They debated this, and the visitor left frustrated, for he could not convince the man that he lived in a house. Other persons, too, tried to convince the man that he lived in a house, telling him he had other rooms he could go into. No one could persuade him, though down deep something kept urging him to find out. At night, alone and resting, looking out the window at the stars in the night sky, he would think, "Is it possible that I live in a house?" Then, he would fall asleep. The next day he would awaken to live in his room.


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