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Stillness Moving ~ Among and Everywhere

Apr 19, 2018

Streams of Snow

I Am

a ray of Sun-Light
dancing on your eyelids
quit looking

will you dance
with Me?
religious persons
non-religious following a spiritual path
tend to take Me
too seriously

~ Now, how funny is that?
wonderfully hilarious ! ~
I let them
it's all part
of someday their waking up
still, in the meantime
while they engage their
oh-so-careful reverence of Me
Nature is my dance floor
Love the music
Loving our play
what I would most like
my Friend, is Love
your loving Me
so... I'm asking kindly...
for you're a Heart of Heart to this Heart
we are
while I dance
on your eyelids
will you dance
with Me? ~ silently, Now, slowly


just see Me
as a blank canvas

and paint

all over
wherever and regardless how ~ silently, Now, slowly


I Am a River
that never returns

I must stop
or we'll never get out of Here

just enjoy
this Stillness moving
among and everywhere


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