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The tale of an unbuilt house ~ natural emergence

Yesing and Yes

Mar 6, 2020

Sun sets on the Santa Fe

*Brian Wilcox. 'Sun sets on the Santa Fe'

There is no walking the Way without a "Yes." Of great import is that our fundamental "Yes" to growth, to Life, to Love, is not the opposite of any "No." This would create opposition between, so annulling the Harmony, and, so, aggression would come forth not inherent to Life. Being humble, we relax into the first, pure "Yes," and the tension ceases, for we are rejoined with the Harmony ceaselessly arising from the Source, as all things are one in the One.

* * *

A Sufi teaching is of the primordial covenant. The story is told that before the creation of the world, all not-yet created humans were in the presence of God. God spoke, "Am I not your Lord?" And the not-yet humanity replied, "Yes, we witness it."

So, we can see in the story an image of the "Yes." Without the "Yes," there cannot become a "Yes." When we say "Yes," the "Yes" is a reply to "Yes." Where does the first, pure "Yes" live? Where does this "Yes" not live?

* * *

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

*Anais Nin

* * *

The Sage noticed that some of his more recent followers were envious of those followers more mature, who had been with him for years. The newer ones were trying hard to demonstrate the wisdom and way of the more mature ones. Also, they did not want to listen to more foundational teachings. So, the Sage told a story attributed to the sage Buddha.

Two wealthy merchants lived in the same town and enjoyed flaunting their riches. One merchant visited the other one. This merchant saw that the other had a big house three stories high. He became even more upset hearing the townspeople talk of how magnificent it was.
Hence, this merchant hired the architect that the first merchant had hired. He told him to build him a three-story house and more magnificent than that of the first house. The architect started the project.
A few days later, this merchant visited the construction site. When he saw workers digging to prepare for a foundation, he went to the architect and asked what was happening. "I'm constructing a three-stories high house," said the architect. "I have to build a solid foundation and, then, on it the three floors."
"I don't want anything else," said the merchant. "I just want the third floor right away, as high as the other merchant's house. Forget about the foundation or floors one and two." "That can't be done," answered the architect. "Then, I'll hire someone else to build the house," spoke the merchant. He fired the architect. The house was never built, for no one was found able to build it without a foundation and with only a third floor.

Nature proceeds developmentally.
Nothing in nature grows hurriedly.
This is the way of the Way.
An infant learns to crawl long before sprinting,
an acorn is yet to be the tree.
The Way is completely here, now,
while realized more and more along the Way.
To say, "There's nothing to do and nowhere to go"
is to say, "There's a lot to do and a long way to go."
You can only do this one step at a time.
So, relax and enjoy the way all along the Way.

* * *

The word "emergence" is used of the evolution of Spirit and, so, applies to what is called "spiritual growth." A meaning of "to emerge," from the Latin, is "to arise out of" ~ the original conjunction spoke of something arising out of a liquid. So, to say, "enjoy the way all along the Way," hints at the Way arising from the Way. No Way for you exists apart from your way, apart from you. To walk your way step-by-step, all included in your emerging from the Way, this is the Way. This is the blossoming that never ends, even as you cannot locate when it began. Before your "Yes," the "Yes" was. Also, the "Yes" arising from the Way, which was spoken to affirm the Way, continues with the Way. To walk the Way, our life becomes that Yes, we are becoming that Yes. And we may feel the need to return again and again to that first "Yes" and speak it forth again. We might find it helpful to do this often, possibly at least once a day: "Yes. Yes. Yes." Often in the Quiet, resting, I repeat "Yes." This is returning to the "Yes" that was and is and is to be. And, I know, it is my "Yes," while it is the "Yes" of everyone and everything and everywhere from which arises the "Yes." We speak "Yes," for we are born from and live within, and are to live devoted to, "Yes." And, when we say this "Yes," we affirm that we cannot know where this "Yes" arises from, what is the well-spring of the unspoken "Yes."

(C) Brian Wilcox, 2020


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