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The Wind's Footprints ~ A Senseless Poem

Mar 5, 2018


Living in LOVE beyond Beliefs



The wind blows where it wishes. You hear its sound. But you do not know where it's coming from, you don't know where it's going. So, this is the way with everyone born of the Spirit.

*Jesus, Gospel of John

* * *

The Wind's Footprints

Plunge yourself in the Water
That your breathing rises from the Depths

There is a Sea without a name
Drenching shores with a moving Face

Be That! Donít just admire
Admiration alone puts you to sleep

Why live in rivers, streams, and lakes, on land,
When Home is an Ocean that waits?

Adore so ardently the Watery Abyss to
Become the Font that resurrects every death

There are baptisms many but
What This is heralds all others, though true

~Someone dropped a holy book in here and
Out grew a flower with honey for the world~

Be the bee that flies joyfully
Imbibing from the shine of the Sun of Light

~Some angels just flew overhead~I heard my name called~
Am I being inconsistent, not making sense now? I hope so,
we all need a frequent dose of senselessness~

Live for the Ocean, marvel at the teeming Life,
Become one with the One that receives the Christ

Donít read this poem with two eyes
There is only one gate to the seven-faceted Wisdom

Truth is out to find you
Seeking must cease to receive

And as for consistency, forget it,
The Wind's footprints never leave a straight line

*Brian Kenneth Wilcox. "The Wind's Footprints~A Senseless Poem." 3.11.2008, Rev. 3.5.2018.

* * *

All we talk about in spirituality, none of it, is meant to make sense. Even the word spirituality really means nothing~just ask a number of persons "What is spirituality?". Making sense is another subtle attempt to take control. All that matters is unconditional, and unconditional cannot be grasped. What is space like? It is boundless, so what wall are you going to lean on? You can lean into spaciousness, but not on a wall, a wall is not there, nothing is. At times this can be a little scary. We long to be free, yet that can feel too unsafe, so we run back to hide with the others. Still, just knowing that nothing you hear about Life makes sense can bring some relief and humor, a sense that the craziness of the path you are on is okay, and beautiful. With time, you begin to relax into the sense of being suspended without a sense of boundaries, and past and future begin to vanish. But, for now, it is okay to be where many of us are, running to and from freedom. We are, after all, socialized to flee freedom, to be a rock amid other rocks on the shore of Mystery, rather than a wind caressing the Waters. Yet, about that senselessness of it all, we could observe an irony, that senselessness itself begins to become clear, and we see an amazing clarity that needs no answers, and oft ushers us into a reverential muteness. Finally, we learn to laugh at the senselessness, and we feel no need for it to make sense, but, somehow, it has all become remarkably sane, so we too.


♥ ♥ ♥

Grace and Peace to All

The Sacred in Me bows to the Sacred in You

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