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Listening to a Walking Stick

Love Moves

Nov 5, 2015


Everyone is Welcome Here

Living in LOVE beyond Beliefs

Bond Falls Reflections

Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone - we find it with another.

*Thomas Merton. Love and Living.

Sitting beside his bed, his lover there, too, in the last stage of his life, before death of the body. He adored the Tibetan Buddhist mala beads I wore. It was my favorite to wear; in fact, I had given the first away as a gift and bought another, I liked it so much. I could not help but offer the mala to him. How could I not? He was delighted to have it, putting on a big smile and placing it around his neck. He bragged about it to his lover, while he looked her joyfully in the eyes and held beads of the mala in his hands. She liked the Greek Orthodox prayer rope I had worn into the room, along with the mala. I explained what it signified. I offered it to her, seeing she had liked it so much and, also, that I had given him the mala. She did not want to receive it, for she did not want me to leave without something around my neck, but she would welcome my bringing some of my prayer malas the following week for her to choose one. I was impressed with her thoughtful kindness. We three talked about meditation and prayer, also. She likes to kneel in prayer, her beloved said. I told her that after many years of running earlier in life, I had some trouble getting up, if I knelt down. She left the room without saying a word. I wondered why. Shortly, she returned with a walking stick, and she insisted I take it. I do not need it, but I needed to allow her to give it to me. I smiled and took it in hand, expressing gratitude. I do not know if I will keep the walking stick in my apartment, in the office, or take it with me in my truck, my traveling office to visit patients. Wherever, the walking stick I will need to listen to, for it will remind me of what is most important, and of the beauty of Kindness, as well as how freely Love moves among us, giving Itself in our giving and receiving, if only we say "Yes". After talking with some family members in another room, I began walking out the home, and I heard a voice from the bedroom. The voice strongly, joyfully exclaimed, "God bless you!" The voice was that of the patient. A beautiful sharing, indeed, had occurred, Love had moved among us and had blessed us in our blessing one another. Love is like that, you know. In some sense, the most important, Love is all. Yes, Love is all.



Grace and Peace to All

The Sacred in Me bows to the Sacred in You

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