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Touching 'God'

Mar 15, 2018


All Is Welcome Here

Living in Love beyond Beliefs


What we mean by 'God' is the most obvious reality, and we can miss the joy of communion with God, not for God is so hard to find, but for God is so close we totally fail to see God, focusing on the lesser obvious things rather than this Presence most near.

* * *

Touching Anything, Touching 'God'

Profound, mystic knowing
leads a person to deny the existence
of a personal God or impersonal God

For a throbbing Heartbeat
manifests in every form of Life as
formless Power, Wisdom, Beauty, and Grace

Call that God, if you choose,
or call It something else

Whatever the pulsating Heartbeat is
that is God and beyond
personal and impersonal, while
manifesting in this world as both

Personal and impersonal
arise from Presence before both

This vibrant Movement and Creativity
has no religion, creed, or belief system

There is nowhere to find this God
nowhere not to find this God

Touch any part of Life, seen or unseen,
you touch this Heartbeat
you touch God

*Brian K. Wilcox. Touching ‘God‘


Grace and Peace to All

The Sacred in Me bows to the Sacred in You

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