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The Unity - Spirit & Self & self

Being positively unspeakable

Mar 15, 2020

Saying For Today: We take on identity, to grow into innocence; yet, this is not the first innocence, the innocence of the child before the child becomes aware of itself as a self among selves. This is the journey to a second innocence.

Opening My Heart To You

*Brian Wilcox. 'Opening My Heart To You'

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The Wise Fool was riding on an unsaddled ass through the village. He was turned backward, hanging on at the rear of the ass. His eyes were wide open, looking around. Someone called out, "What are you doing?!" The Wise Fool yelled back, "I'm looking for myself!"

So, this is our pilgrimage. We become like the Wise Fool, looking for ourselves. How odd, we do this, when who we are is so simple to know. Who we are is obvious, but we have been taught to look in all the opposite directions. At some point, we begin asking, "Who am I?" Blessed are we to exhaust the answers and feel profound dissatisfaction. Then, we ask, "Who am I really?" That question is, in a sense, a new start to our life. This question arises from within, but from where? or whom? We discover that the answer is given us from where the answer arose to us.

* * *

"When will I know I've met the Truth?" the Sage was asked. He replied, "When you ask yourself 'Who am I?' and receive no answer."

* * *

God says to the human, "Be you yourself, and I shall be yours."

*Nicholas of Cusa (b. 1401)

This writing addresses the question "Who am I?" In Spirit, we desire a re-union of Self and self, Self being who we are, self the person we appear as and to others appear to be. This union is like that of the Self and Spirit, or the soul and God, that is already, for timeless. In this is the harmony of Being, Spirit-Self-self. In wholeness, no aspect of Being is left out, only integrated into the whole. The heart knows the unity of all. Separation, then, is a felt-separation and believed-separation, real as an experience, not in actuality. Separation is the dogma of the masses, we are educated in the feeling and belief of isolation from, not oneness with. Simply, the Whole is the Whole. Yet, this wholeness is differentiated into distinctions. As to the question "Who am I?" ...

Spirit + I + am + self

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