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Flowers in the Field ~ welcoming the world in (Special Edition)

On Peace

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Now, let us move beyond the psychological level of the story, as we moved from the social context. In the mind and emotions, the person, we have failed to reach unity; though we have made progress, we are far from unity. Partly, for we cannot legislate unity, the law cannot give us inclusion. Liberals divided from conservatives. Rich from poor. Whites from blacks. Democrats from Republicans. ... Blame, blame, blame. We are globally where we cannot linger, waiting and waiting, for unity among us, for love among us. Childish games need to end, and now. But they will not, for we are not ready to grow up into peace, to be peace. We are not adult enough yet for inclusion, for equality.

Possibly, we are being prepared to move to a deeper level of who we are, from our selves to the one Self, so the whole can embrace the part, the universal the particular. I sense we have been trying it the other way, the particular to embrace the universal ~ but lesser embraces, or consciousnesses, are enveloped in the emergence of the broader, more inclusive embrace, or consciousnesses. We have failed to appreciate this way of Nature. Few have, but not enough among us. We need enough mass of humanity to join in being peace to speed up immensely the making of peace, we are not near there yet. We can be.

We are moving there, but we cannot linger. We are in crisis globally, the Earth is in crisis. This while many politicians are playing politics, rather than being part of the movement to the healing of Earth and peace among us, including preservation of Earth species, our natural resources and ourselves. We need to get unaddicted to our trips and get real, whatever we call ourselves or a group we identify with: including the liberal and conservative split, which end up eventually at extremes of opposition, so dissociation. Peace does not come from social dissociations, peace heals such.


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Lotus of the Heart > Path of Spirit > soul and world peace > Page 4

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