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A Delicious Quiet

An Ecstastic Union of Love

Apr 8, 2018


Living in Love beyond Beliefs


Every idea of Him we form, He must in mercy shatter. The most blessed result of prayer would be to rise thinking "But I never knew before. I never dreamed ..."

*C.S. Lewis. Letters to Malcom: Chiefly on Prayer.

* * *

Such Loveliness, As This

The Wine glass shattered and
I fell into a dizzying world ...

I saw myself making Love with you,
When there arose a most Beautiful Sight

And this Surprise
Disclosed a delicious quiet

A taste so sweet, beyond sweetness true,
blunted tongue could barely receive

Inside, while as dark as Night, together,
a first recognition of the whisper

To I who had sought you, you spoke,
"And did you not know I so sought you, too?
Did you not know your seeking me was my seeking you, one seeking?"

I started to reply, stammering so awestruck;
then mutely you said, "Hush! relax

words lit the way to my bed,
Silence will now lead you to my Heart."

And so I did rest, and rest the more, in your embrace,
mind asleep
Love awake in Love

"Friends, your thoughts, even most holy, a sacrament of grace; now,
only Silence will undress such Loveliness as this."

There is such a fall into such a world,
where what was seen as sanity is now seen to be insanity ~
Fortunate are those who find themselves lost there.

*Brian K. Wilcox. 06/21/07.

* * *

Love is as Love is, while Love changes its face, or expression, based on where we are as evolved beings. Love is the spiritual pilgrimage; its source, its journey, its destination. Seems Grace enjoys manifesting to take this way through you and me. Love is as present in the denial of who we are as in the realization of who we are. Love is fully present in fidelity and betrayal. Love is the changeless element. There is no where to return to for Love, no where to get to for Love. Even to say Love is a destination is to say one discovers Love was always present. This is a reason to discern Love is not merely a feeling, an emotion, for the subtle expressions of Love are farther away from feeling, from emotion. Here, then, devotion may feel less inspirational, more like an apparent but subtle presence, and not dull, not exciting. Here one learns to rest, to feel that sense of presence, to discover a face of Love prior to all other faces of Love one had known. This continues, becomes more subtle. Is there an end? Who knows? Who would be present to know? Anyone? Or, is it Love that each self is the oblation to, consumed by Love in the Fire of Love? With such Love a gift, why would one cling to a continuance of personal existence? When in Love, not merely in love with someone, one no longer needs these answers, for Love is fulfillment, fulfilling Itself.

*Brian K. Wilcox. 04/08/18.


Grace and Peace to All

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