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'God' to God (Poem)

A Most Intimate Loving

Jul 10, 2018

Living in Love beyond Beliefs

We Share One Life, We Are One Life


The Holy Reality is truly unavoidable, even though it can seemingly be obscured or overlooked. Liberation is not the attainment or acquisition of something new, and it is not the result of a cause, but rather, it is the ever-present, undivided immediacy from which nothing stands apart. Liberation is really a non-happening, a shiftless shift, or as they say in Zen, a gateless gate.

*Joan Tollifson. Nothing to Grasp.

the most intimate Loving cannot be spoken
leading to a thankful muteness of
reverence and awe

* * *

to know what the thought "God" intimates,
that thought "God" must undergo a death within us
for mind surrenders to a blissful death within
the Heart by the Heart

within us Grace puts to death "God" (G-o-d)
God burns to ashes "God"
then "God" as "God" is beyond redemption
for "God" as "God" did not, does not, cannot exists

the death of that thought about God
is one with the birthing of God as God is
God beyond "God"

and this may entail that one will come to see
the thought "God" has lost most or all of its power for oneself
but, in and by Love, Love will speak it through him or her
to bless and benefit others

for one discovers what "God" intimates
is little like to that one sees and feels birthed in oneself
as the resurrection of God by God, Love-in-Love

the loss of "God" is the discovery of God
possibly better being discovered by God ~
or whatever word one chooses to use

Jesus' death and burial and resurrection (the Passion of Christ) can be seen
to intimate this dying and opening of Heart to
God-Everywhere and God-In-Everyone and God-In-Everything
no longer "God" held in words or any religious tradition
not even in the atheists' claim 'there is no "God"'
or the agnostics' affirmation '"God" may or may not be'
neither refer to God only "God"

Love crucifies and buries attachment to
words, thoughts, creeds, confessions, holy books ...
for clinging to even the most apparently holy
is a veil before the purity of Grace Itself
Life naked and aglow with Its own bliss, Itself ~ you

~ even clinging to God ceases
for in pure Love
one is freed by the freedom Love is ~

~ every moment is
a revelation of this Presence ~

then, Love in Love
clothes Itself in words to love
words being part of the dance of Life
the ever-flowering Mystery

Love, when seen through Love, is
Love regardless of how clothed

Love Itself is unclothed, even with clothes,
for Love is Presence, free and natural
in Itself and as Itself

so, while all felt-need for reference to God may die
what is reborn is the use of such
to bless others while
you experience presence beyond
God or not-God
realizing what is changeless
cannot be spoken but only known in
pure, unthinkable, unwordable, silent intimacy ~
the Holy
the Totally Other

Spring in Bloom

*All material, unless another source is cited, is authored by the presenter of Lotus of Heart, Brian Kenneth Wilcox, Florida USA. Use of the material is permitted; Brian only requests that credit be given and to be notified at 77ahavah77@gmail.com .

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The Sacred in Me bows
to the Sacred in You


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