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Communion ~ Light with Light

Apr 5, 2020

Fellowship in the Light

Brian Wilcox. 'Fellowship in the Light'

Seeker: I feel very lonely of late. I've started trying to get together with others more, but I feel as lonely if not more so now.

Sage: Togetherness is easily an escape from intimacy. What you long for is intimacy, not togetherness. Better you connect with your own heart than be in a room of many and trying to get from them an end to your loneliness.

Seeker: So, how do I begin?

Sage: Be still. Be quiet.

Seeker: What happens then?

Sage: Intimacy arises as a gift, when you're prepared to receive it.

* * *

every creature
is as much-even more, a revelation of the Sacred
than any holy book

how many
dare not
abuse their holy book

a walking scripture

how many
dare not
disrespect a holy place

one who is a breathing sanctuary

in turning from one
we turn from
the One

in welcoming one
we welcome
the One

in the Light
all are lights
even those who live in darkness

how can one
born of Light
not share the nature of Light?

how can light
make war with

spontaneously, naturally
light moves toward light
thereby light manifests the Light


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