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Not What Not Why

Musing on a mystery of Love happening

Mar 23, 2018


Living in Love beyond Beliefs


* * *

Love possesses not nor would it be possessed; For love is sufficient unto love. And think not you can direct the course of love, for love if it finds you worthy, directs your course. Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself.

*Kahlil Gibran. The Prophet.

* * *

This musing was penned April 7, 2017; this beloved one left the body August 2, 2017.

She sits across from me, on the other side of this table, in her kitchen. Each time I see her, an intense, yet subtle, feeling of Love. Now, more intense, and I want much to reach out and hold her hand, to embody the connection in a way fitting for us. I do not, for I am here to serve her, in her time of great need. I am the professional, she the patient. So, I refrain.

I see this Love is not sentimental, nor merely romantic, deeper ~ some would say spiritual. I choose not to name this, for this is too sacred, too holy, too pure. When together, we are like two depths resounding, one depth calling to the other, and to the other, yet silently, a fluid chorus of loving synchronizing us in inexplicable harmony.

She is soon to leave, physically. I ache with the stretching of my heart to hold this union inside, enjoy it while she is still in the body. "I already miss you, then more, yes even more. We seem to have stepped into this space, unchosen by us, to meet at some place we cannot name and for a reason we do not know. Where is this? Is even saying 'this,' as though a place, appropriate? Why is this happening? Do we need a 'why'?" That is the surrender, possibly, beyond "what" and "why."

In this Silence is only Love, for this Love is only Silence, even as it plays with the words we choose, shines in our smiles, laughs in our frequent laughter. They say you are dying, yet you are so fully alive, the more so for your body is letting you go. Possibly, finally, we could say this togetherness is "God," but that would sound religious or spiritual, and this is neither. Maybe, in time, we will come to see, but not now, not yet. Or, possibly, after time, or beyond time, whatever such is or would be. The questions remain now, for Love does not yield to our answers, only gives Itself to our recognition, even as in some way we give ourselves to each other in this mystery of Love happening, showing Itself to us and hiding from us, at the same time. But we say "Yes," yes. "Why?" I do not know. I need not.

For a time, I choose to give myself to this blissful otherness coming to meet us and gifting us with a gift we cannot yet name, possibly never. Possibly, this is a Love beyond love, and must remain so to be Love, so to be this we share beyond "what" and "why."

Shall I ever say, "I love you"? "Do you already see?" Some things, like this, not understood, are known only from within the Heart we share.

*Brian K. Wilcox. "Love Happening beyond What and Why."

Every word you speak
is a candle lit in the Dark
leading me Home
to my Heart.

In prayer, today,
I got lost
and awoke to find myself
in Your arms ~
Lucky guy
I am!

Beloved, will you let me
get lost tomorrow,

Those who never lose
their way,
never find
this Loving.

There is a Love beyond one feeling ~
Rising through
To You.

One Light
Many mirrors
One Face
A myriad Smiles.

How fortunate are you
Twiddling your toes
In the bottomless

Everyone talks of
Spiritual experience ~
Forget it
What I am writing about is
Beyond experiencer and experience

Go There!

"I am
In Love

The Voice said
to the Voice...

Someone dropped something in Here
A Presence brought pieces together:
What did it say?

Are you now
On the cliff of befuddlement? ~
I did my best to get you there ~
Jump from your mind
Into this Beauty
all around

*Brian K. Wilcox. "On the Cliff of Befuddlement."


Grace and Peace to All

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