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alone & not Alone

Commuion our natural atmosphere

Aug 22, 2018

Saying For Today: This aloneness, when apart or with others, is a spacious solitariness I can embrace gladly as integral to the particular way the Way manifests for me, and likely many others.


The Communion arising out of and returning to Life transcends the opposites of "apart" and "together." This Grace is present already, everywhere, for Life is all-inclusive, not by including, but by all already being within Life as the atmosphere wherein we all live. Lives flow from Life within Life. See anything, you see Life, you see Communion. Still, do we see or simply look at? To see is to know Love is happening, we simply are invited wakefully to participate in this wondrous Loving. Regardless of our choice to share together in this Grace, Grace happens anyway, for Grace is not dependent on us, and we are in this Grace. You or I being apart from or together with another or others, Grace is fully present, Communion is holy, for whole.

simply put
you can't get into or out of Communion
you're already
we're already

in other words

can God
unbecome God


to enjoy communion
arises from expressing
we are Communion

and this

religious nor nonreligious
spiritual nor unspiritual



* * *

I sit alone in this Prayer Room. Candles are aglow. Tired, I sit. Wearied, I prepared for others to share this Communion and Celebration, after pouring my heart out this morning in the Message, and my having been awake long before dawn.

From behind my seat arises the beautiful chant of Tibetan monks, a special treat for others to share with me. I rest in peace, alone, with eyes closed and breathing with ease. I enjoy the chant and feel myself becoming one with it. I hear no arrival and, therefore, after a time I open my eyes, I see no one, and I stand.

I turn toward the bread and juice, representing the One Life, I AM, meant to be shared tonight with others. I, with an odd feeling, am determined that I, even though alone, will offer myself the Communion and recall that even alone I am not alone. I lift the elements in self-oblation, pure ecstasy, entering the Mystery, the ecstasy of the Divine. I dip and partake.

I leave and go to the grocery store. I purchase some dipped ice cream: big dips of peanut butter, dark chocolate, white chocolate. I enjoy some TV. I sleep, snuggled up in an old recliner, alone, not alone.

* * *

The above rumination from April 8, 2005, when I was a Christian pastor, reminded me my feelings of being lonely were ~ and are (rare now, frequent then) ~ an expression of the fullness of aloneness. This aloneness, when apart or with others, is a spacious solitariness I can embrace gladly as integral to the particular way the Way manifests for me, and likely many others. So, I wrote, afterward:

I befriend even the pain that can arise in feeling forsaken and see how some are called to enter forsakenness, or denial, or betrayal, to embody a Life of true Communion, rather than the facile togetherness that is itself an avoidance of the intimacy I share with this, My Love.
One who is able to befriend aloneness needs pity from no one for that aloneness. Rather, sad is the one who cannot find the Communion within his or her aloneness and, thus, is very lonely.

* * *

Ironically, through our embracing aloneness, we embrace communion with others, the living rite of our togetherness. How ironic, then, that I should have been blessed to partake of Holy Communion alone. Communion, indeed, not mere sharing as persons, arises from heart with heart. The spiritual contemplative sees the expression of Grace is the sharing of solitude with solitude, or aloneness with aloneness ~ being, Love with Love.

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