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Resting Inside Love's Arms~the Grace of letting go

Apr 16, 2020

A Way into the Light

*Brian Wilcox. 'a Way into the Light'

Persons often asked the Sage why he urged others to follow the Way beyond all forms of religion and spirituality. So, on this day, he read a poem he had written many years before. He said, "Now, don't try to understand this; listen with your heart."

There is a Temple
not made by hands.
Such a Sanctuary lies Somewhere
beyond spiritual practice, beyond thought.
Not in a heaven, not in a hell,
not up, not down, not east, not west.
When my feet stand at the threshold of that Place,
the mind drops its spiritual garb.
Someone said, "Can I come in, my Lord?";
the echo back cried out in ecstatic Love: "We are already One!"
Hug the moon, if you wish to stay close to reflected Light,
but I will step in Here and make love with the Sun.
Why caress the shadows outside
when you can fondle the Face inside?
Eat the grapes ~ they are tasty ~
but I will lose myself in the Wine.
I hear a whisper,
"Hush! before you get in trouble again ..."
Those who dance with form
will never dance with This that dances the world!
A cloud is floating by; I will
ride it beyond where shining stars hint of the Way
and rests inside Love's arms.

Then spoke the Sage, "Don't cling to the ladder you used to climb into the Sky; abandon yourself to Her."

* * *

To let go beyond form, as in, teachers, beliefs, spiritual practices, rituals, holy places, scriptures, is an act of Grace. The human will can, at this point, only consent to the power and will of the Way. Relaxing in Love's arms, letting go arises as Love's gift. Letting go is not something we do, as we did earlier on the Way. Here, in mutual-indwelling-Lover with Beloved-our sole act is to give ourselves to Love. Her role is to give Herself to us. She does.

* * *

️ Brian Wilcox, 2020

*Poem. Brian K. Wilcox. "Resting Inside Love's Arms." May 23, 2006.


Lotus of the Heart > Path of Spirit > the grace of letting go

©Brian Wilcox 2020