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Wine Flowing From The Roof

Apr 18, 2018


We're all revisions, on and on a new edition. Revised and revised and, suddenly, blissfully ~ gone! Relief, the thought, for those who don't cling to personal existence, knowing there remains so much more, even as before.

* * *

"It is finished"
he said

"Into your hands
I give my spirit"


as you

dies and dies and dies

God dies and dies and dies
in every death

of every son or daughter
of God

dies and dies and dies

lives and lives and lives


another you
another God

no God
no you

just a moving Embrace
dallying on the Face
of the Waters
now here, now not

one cannot step in the same river twice
so you
so God

die to live
until no death, no life

"Blasphemy!" you say?
"Nonsense!" exclaim?

you'll never understand this
drinking the wine in a bottle

drink from the Wine
flowing from the roof

there never was
a Ladder to Heaven

no climbing
just drinking then

the drink
imbibed by Grace

one imbibing
a single intoxication

laughter replaces
complaints of "Blasphemy!" and "Nonsense!"

am I being crazy? ~ "Yes"
and "Wow!" has become my praise

What is the sound of silence
inside the Wind?

Oh, almost forgot...
you'll never understand
you'll soon never want to

just whisper
or yell



*Opening quotes in poem from words of Jesus, the Christ, on the cross, as found in the Christian Gospels. Most Christians identify Jesus as God. Regardless, the intuition of the poem in relationship to the Passion of Christ remains.

*Lotus of the Heart is an interspiritual offering of Brian Kenneth Wilcox, who lives in Florida USA. All work herein, unless the source cited, is by Brian. For permission of use, please send email to 77ahavah77@gmail.com . Materials are free for referral; if referred, Brian requests notification at the above address.

*Brian is available to lead classes, workshops, or retreats on meditation, centering prayer, experiential prayer, contemplative living, or other themes related to the spiritual life, as well as provide spiritual guidance in-group or one-on-one. For inquiry on the matter, write to Brian at email above. His book, An Ache for Union, is available through major booksellers.

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