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Water from a Glass ~ Marriage of Form & Formless Spirit

Apr 21, 2018

Devotion Quito

A visitor thinking himself very spiritual, having renounced all religion, visited the Master. "Sir, why do you remain in religion?" "Why would you ask the question?", came the reply. "For you are a deeply spiritual sage, and such as you do not need religion." The Master asked, "And what are those persons who need religion?" "They are immature, sir. After all, the Way is wayless, the Gate gateless. True?"

The Master, smiling, spoke, "I am thirsty. Are you?" Before his companion could reply... "Go, get us some water." The man went and got two glasses filled with water. He returned...

The Master, holding his glass upward, invited, "Let us drink". They began drinking. "Why are you using the glass to drink, friend?", asked the Master. The man, surprised, "How else could I drink the water?" Laughed the Master, "So, you are immature too? After all, water being water, why would you, so proficient at drinking water, need a glass?"

* * *

Religion is yogic, yoga is religious. Both the terms, one from Latin and the other of Sanskrit origin, speaks of "yoking, joining together." While one may not engage in a religion, to be spiritual, he or she will be religious. This meaning, as a river to be a river needs a shape for the flow of water, unseen Grace requires material form through which to express in our embodied world. Through form connection happens for us, reconection occurs, a binding to Truth finds fruition. To transcend form, then, is not to negate form, but to see form as form, to see that it points to beyond itself and provides means for embodied beings to relate with formless Spirit. So, in humbleness, we drink water from a glass, and we respect others doing the same. For some, the glass will be a religion, for others not. We call the form what we wish, or choose a name already given. We bless others doing the same. This is the sagacious way to see form as wedding Spirit and matter, and provides insight into the beauty of variety as an awe inspiring kaleidoscopic display of Life.


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