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She & I & We Two Too

This Intimatic Transcendence

Dec 28, 2019

Eagle in Flight ~Kennebec River~Winter Series no. 6

*Brian Wilcox. 'Eagle in Flight~
Kennebec River~Winter Series no. 6'

Whoever says You does not have something; he has nothing. But he stands in relation.

*Martin Buber. I and Thou.

* * *

Again, she sits, I sit, so we sit: we being the higher, or more inclusive, and simpler ex-pressing of Spirit. She appearing weaker, she admits. Time passing away for us together, apparently. I, for a first time, share feelings before veiled, and she tears up on hearing. I read words, still veils of a veil. Veiled, gift to gift we share in a relational intimacy transcending she and I, yet not denying she and I either: we are a transcending by inclusion. What is in this? No need to understand. No need to know. While understanding cannot enter, knowing cannot either. Integral to this union, this becoming happening, is knowing happening. This is transcendence, a revelation as sure as any called holy, and this holy, and the act of transcending, the timeless moment, is a moving upward that is a moving inward. Such that, this, I see, excludes past efforts, for many years, of seeking to transcend through only upward, or detachment as sublimation of here and other. Whereas, in this join-ing, arising from and expressing Love, by being moved, by consent and without consent, closer, unveiled is the beauty of transcendence by a living, alive intimacy.

I have not transcended with her outside this happening, this happening, which is also a withinness happening, is transcendence. This moment of being summoned and drawn inward with her, into a union of both, so more than we two, but we two too sharing in our being consummated together, - I find this Love here, now, and not somewhere else, or in some other dimension or state of consciousness that removes me, or her, from us each and we too. I am moved more inward with her - into her -, and she with me - into me -, and, so, that created is the consummation. This transcendence is better referred to as a verb than a noun. And, while the union happening is happening, is a con-verging happening, I is not negated but finds the fruition of it giving the gift and receiving the gift: so, the dying of self is not a cessation, but a new beginning of a relational potential in the self and inspired from outside the self by another self, and the origination of selves. She and I are still here, now, in our full, embodied particularity with distinction. What arises is a fulfillment - a resurrection, if we see this as a continuity of the death of self by and into this happening, from prior to the I, the giving of the gift, and so prior to the separation and the Loving as an intimatic transcending in simplicity, or a transcending intimacy.

* * *

This cannot now be, unless she and I remain present, not in negation of either she or I, but in fulfillment of us each and fruition of she and I together in a new creation consisting of we- us, both. We are a revelation, and we receive this gift arising from the gift and gift, we arising from she and I giving not something but being given ourselves - given to each other, so to the one giving -, so that any self-giving is a being given by another, Something unspeakable. This, for she and I, and we, this is fulfillment of our trust in the simple words, "Your Will be done." The Will is this sharing of a prior One realized embodied here and now, is relational becoming and, so, without past or future - moments bounded by moments have been crucified in time into timelessness, allowing this moment, unbounded, to find itself fulfilled within us. The Word, again, becomes flesh.

We are two appearances, and in the moment a Love happens free of appearance. She and I, therefore, in the moment have nothing, not each other surely, rather, we are with, and this with is withinness in being made possible only by with, and the gift with gift expressing this innate potential for loving by Love and for Love - but Love including she and I. Surely, I see, I would not want a transcendence without her now, here, for that would be without she and I, and the relational withinness would not be. Why would I wish such a negation in denial of she and I, in loss of our being fulfilled within this fulfillment in that which gives her to me, and I to her? What is to become, I know not, neither know I what is, but this knowing knows, through us... what forms or form-lesses she and I are to take, we know not, nor does it matters to us now.

* * *

Love possesses not nor would it be possessed; For love is sufficient unto love. And think not you can direct the course of love, for love if it finds you worthy, directs your course. Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself.

*Kahlil Gibran. The Prophet.

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