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Apr 25, 2019

Saying For Today: What is this Mystery? Well, if I could tell you, the Mystery would not be the Mystery, would it?


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I use a variety of words to refer to what many mean by God, Higher Power, Creator, Jehovah, Yahweh, the Source, the Light, the Ground of Being, Spirit, Great Spirit, ... One reason I use a diversity of references is out of an acknowledgement that what I refer to no one can but refer to. Likewise, I seek to offer varied ways of speaking of this Mystery, the Mystery, with the possible result that a way of referring to It will help a reader relate with the Mystery. So, I use, God, Life, Presence, Love, Grace, ... and other words. In all this, nothing I say is saying it, only hopefully opening some windows onto the Sky in which we live and have our being. Whether a person chooses to look into the Sky, that choice no other can give, for we each, to see the Sky, choose to see beyond anything said or believed about the Sky. This is why sages have taught we know this Mystery most fully by the way of unknowing, or not-knowing.

When one drops all he or she says
to know of Grace,
Grace shines as
Grace is

Yet, even then,
the mind cannot fathom
but hints of this Mystery

and only the heart
can truly know
the Ineffable Life

* * *

A man was engaged in Ph.D. studies in Philosophy. His wife realized how devoted he was to his studies, when she asked him, "Why is it you love me so much?"

He replied, "When you say 'so much,' are you referring to intensity, depth, frequency, quality, or duration?"

* * *

By dissecting her petals, no one ever gathered in the beauty of the rose.

*Anthony DeMello. Taking Flight.

* * *

In our spiritual path, we grow into a simplicity. This simplicity includes our thoughts about everything related to that path.

The egoic mind tends toward complicating. This includes complicating the simplicity of wisdom, of truth. Who we truly are under the facade of the personality is simple and cherishes simplicity, drawing us into simplicity.


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Lotus of the Heart > Path of Spirit > embracing the Mystery

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