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the Moon night & day

Something appearing from the inside

Aug 17, 2018


In some sense, all I write is poetic, whether poetry or prose. I enjoy not making sense. I am not trying to be consistent or say anything as it is; the writing hints at Something, whispering about Love that is not love, but is. So, ...

Wow! Did you see?
Not just look at, see?
The Moon was beautiful in the Sky last night.
Now, in bright daylight, as luminous as in dark night,
shining, clothed with the Sun. Do you see?
She is a Lover. Do you know?
She appears when you no longer look for Her.
So lovely is She! in absence, in quiet,
calling you to Herself. Do you hear?
Relax your eyes, so
the Moon may enter from inside your Heart.
Can you do that?
She can, Love does.
Do you see?

* * *

I get up in the morning, I get dressed.

Who am I? Who when naked prior?
The clothes? The body? The mind? The face in the mirror?

I go to sleep.
I am garbed with solitude and quiet.
I forget all things.
Dreams - stories - arise and cease.
And emptiness comes and goes - Being seems not to be.

Who am I?
Am I the dreams? The dreamer? Characters in the dreams?
Am I the body lying quietly and unconscious?

Grace clothes itself
in the customs of times and cultures.
The Word still becomes flesh - you, me.

Is Grace this or that?
A Christian? A Jew? A Muslim? A Hindu? A Buddhist?
Gay? Straight? Married? Single? Divorced?
What color? Any color? No color?
Can such things be said of Life?

They say I was born. You, too.
Does Grace take birth? Die?
Does Beauty come and go?
Change? Arrive or depart, anywhere at anytime?
Yes? No? Yes and No?

Who am I?
Who am I that becomes all these things?
Who am I, untouched by wakefulness or sleep?

Who shall I be when I have died?
Shall I?

What is for is without an opposite.
That alone is.

If neither existence nor nonexistence -
I am not I, not you;
not even I Am can be spoken -
Our Beloved already, always is.

The taste of wine
is not the Wine, and
the bodies of Lovers is a passage for
the River of passions, Love Itself loving -
but Love belongs to no you, no I, no us, no anyone.

Someone could say,
"I come out of myself to Love."

No need to say more -
Grace subtracts until nothing is left - not even nothing -
Oh! lovely, blissful, ecstatic Nothing ...
Thank You! Thank You!

* * *

Do you see?
If 'no',
close your eyes.
If 'yes,'
never open them again.

* * *

The late Dainin Katagiri, in Each Moment is the Universe, says, "If you practice, sooner or later you can feel something. Finally you can touch something deep." The Moon is something deep, really deep. So deep, known only with the Heart, not your Heart, my Heart ~ our Heart. In fact, only the Moon sees the Moon. You cannot see it, yet it can be seen everywhere. Now, is that not wonderful?!

Vieni a morire in Puglia

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The Sacred in Me bows
to the Sacred in You


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