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Over decades, partly for I taught meditation, I worked with different means, or techniques, from varied traditions, mostly Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu. I discovered two things. First, there are many valid meditation practices. Second, meditation leads to a posture of non-meditation, and this is what I had called Pure Prayer. In Pure Pure there is no object to pray to, though such might arise in the Silence. If a prayer does, okay. Afterward, one is left with only the Silence. Pure Prayer, then, is a silent, receptive communion with Life, and some traditions may not prefer the word Prayer. Persons usually equate prayer as to God, a saint, an angel, or a sage as an object the prayer is directed to outside, so the word prayer may not be helpful for many. In fact, anything we say of this being-presence, or open awareness, is misleading, for, as noted yesterday, we cannot articulate what is of spirit or Spirit.

* * *

the final act of prayer in Silence
is silence in Silence

* * *

After these years of exploring different means of technique, I, finally, surrendered to ceasing this experimentation. Again, as spoken above, technique leads beyond technique. When the technique is no longer needed, it will drop. Let it drop, let it go. So, what do I do now? I find out it is more what I do not do that some could call meditation?

I no longer focus on technique, I simply rest in this receptive, open being. Relaxation is enhanced for there is no spiritual goal. I am not trying to be a better person, please God, attain union with the Divine, or get enlightened. If there is a goal, it would be just to be. Yet, if one makes a goal to reach this just being, this can hinder just being, for this being-presence is our one natural, spontaneous self.

I am, likewise, no longer focused on a special posture. Often, now, I lie down. Sometimes, usually when with others, I sit. I become aware of the body. Being aware of the body, I allow awareness to open to include what appears as happening inside and outside, arising in a unity. There may arise some insight or experience that I would have once called spiritual, but usually not. There is no sense of need for such experience, yet I am not resistant to it. Also, awareness can open to where I am not aware of anything particular, including the body.


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