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The Silent Way of Caring

Presence speaks powerfully

May 2, 2019

Temple Without Walls ~ All Welcome

*Brian Wilcox. 'Temple Without Walls ~ All Welcome'. Flickr

Quiet, peaceful, receptive
resting in the Aloneness alive within myself
Solitude communes with Solitude
in silently loving another
without going out into
a world of worlds

* * *

Presence speaks
more powerfully
than ever did or can
the finest or holiest of speech

* * *

I sat beside the patient, who was lying asleep in bed. I did not want to wake her. I appeared just to be sitting, but in the Quiet appearance is never what is the full reality. I looked at the caregiver, a deeply religious woman, as she stood beside me. I asked her, "Do you know what one has to do to pray?" She asked, looking surprised at the question but interested, "What?" "Nothing," I replied. Briefly, she looked confused. I added, "Just being with someone can be prayer. That can be communion." She smiled, eyes no longer showing confusion but bright with joy, as though she had just seen a jewel of Life she had never seen before.

* * *

in the Quiet
silently being with another
sensing deepening Presence
movement from body and mind, deeper, less of self
out of this, without words, spirit touches spirit
a true, unseen work and connection occurs
this cannot occur outside Spirit, only in Spirit

few seem to know this
so focus caring for another in words and actions
caring for others body to body
not knowing this grand action of
Love meeting Love in Silence
in the same Life we all are
in timeless Eternity

in this Silence with the other
self decreases, Life increases
with less of self
more of Grace
the other needs this Grace
rather than needing you
even if the other does not know this ~
you know it

here you are down on your knees again

*chelsea chen. . 'here you are down on your knees again'. Flickr

The Sacred in Me bows to the Sacred in You

(C) Brian K. Wilcox, 2019


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