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the walk in Spirit

living with the Earth and the Heavens

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Why do persons speak as though they are doomed, destined, or even damned to remain in situations they do not feel best for them? Why? The mind. The mind, trained by the past, closes itself to the All-Potential, and finds shelter in the known. While it complains of the known, it chooses that known of which it complains. The mind, the basis of what is called ego, is totally conditioned by the past. Grace is always now, receptive to the newness of this moment, available to changes arising from God, or the All-Potential. Yet, one is not to seek to manipulate Life, only to cooperate with Life. This Life is not your life, my life, the life of anyone, this Life is Spirit.

the moment you accept where you are or what you are doing
as final, as a situation that must be, you agree
for the situation to remain the same

the moment you are receptive, trusting the possibility of change
you welcome the potential of change
for the situation to change

yet, in this openness,
one cannot control how the situation will change
only be receptive

if the situation outwardly, then,
does not change
a shift will occur within you
and you will experience the situation differently

* * *

Coming to the end of my winter visit to Maine, after almost 7 months, I was faced with the question, “What next?” I had arrived on Georgetown Island not knowing whether I would return south or remain in Maine. After doors closed in finding housing in Maine, I was at peace something would open up in Maine or I would return to Georgia or Florida. Also, I had put in a job application back near where I was raised in Georgia, but had not heard back. An invitation arose to live in an intentional Quaker community, nearby in Bath, Maine, and I am less than 2 weeks from this transition. How did all this happen? I mention this, not to draw attention to my situation but as context for the theme today: walking in Spirit. I invite the the reader to reflect on times when he or she had a like experience.

* * *

Throughout these months, here at Lotus of the Heart, I have referred to the sense of being led inwardly in this direction, how I felt, too, like I was carried up here. This was a profound, subtle experience, and I cannot put it into logical reason.

After arriving in Maine, confusion arose as to how to respond to the question Mainers would ask, “What brought you up here?” Initially, I would struggle to give a logical reply, one the other could possibly understand. Then, I gave up on this. I began saying things, like, “I really don’t know, I just felt this was where I was to come.” I no longer struggled to frame this in a way others would relate with, they either would or would not.


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