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The Embrace ~ that that is belonging itself

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attachment even to reason
becomes unreasonable
not including what reason decides is not reasonable

persons religious judge the nonreligious
persons nonreligious scorn the religious
both exclusivism arising from the egoic need
to feel right, someone wrong, to feel reasonable, someone ignorant

one race accuses the other of racism
the race accused of racism accuses the other of racism
such is the egoic need to turn a true need to resolve
into a cycle of accusation leading from resolution

feminism easily becomes a reaction
rather than a response, this egoic reaction
creating an in-group recreating the
gender prejudice which inspired females rightly to respond
to gender inequality and seek equality of the sexes

~ who is the wise one, being of Love,
who can respond, not react
who can think, not give over thinking to the collective,
retaining the dignity of the sacred amid blame and aggression? ~

the sagacious being
embraced by this Embrace of Love
is free of being a someone or something
free to be truly inclusive in Embrace ~
yet 'he' or 'she' cannot claim to be inclusive,
for only spirit, or Spirit, does the including

so, when not being inclusive
once this arises to attention
return to the Source, to Grace to be begraced
with a wider Embrace

the wise live with and among others, one with others,
sharing communion more freely
for living not from identification with anything, but one union
with the Embrace and means of the Embrace ~ this is Love

spacious welcome

*Brian Wilcox. 'spacious welcome'. Flickr

( C )Brian K. Wilcox, 2019

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Lotus of the Heart > Path of Spirit > embrace and liberalism and conservatism > Page 4

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