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Falling ~ making artwork out of loving

May 6, 2020

The forms of devotional spirituality lead one to fall into loving with the Sacred - Beloved, Lover, Friend. This is the sweet intoxication of communion that arises out of from and expresses oneness with Spirit.

A Window for the Light

Brian Wilcox 'A Window for the Light'

The Sage said of those overly religious, "Clinging to the forms of faith is like one who admires wines, never relishing the taste of the sweet intoxication. Don't just inhale the perfume of the Lover, fall helplessly into Her arms."

* * *

A man was sitting peacefully by a river;
a passerby saw his bare neck
and yielded to the temptation to
give it a whack. He was filled with
wonder at the sound his hand had made on
the neck. The man,
in sharp pain,
got up to hit him back.

“Wait now!” said the aggressor.
“You can hit me if you wish,
but first answer this:
Was the sound of
the whack made by my hand or
your neck?”

Said the man, “My pain won't allow me to theorize. You
can afford to do so, for you don't feel
what I feel.”

* * *

Loving the Divine
is like a man in bed
with his lover. He keeps talking;
finally, exasperated, she says, “Dear,
would you please
just shut up and
make love with me!”
Fall through the words
into the Body; drop thought
and penetrate within the rind. That's
what love-making is all about, and
more. But I'll remain silent about
the more.
No lover is a superb
lover for mastering
theories of other lovers, anymore
than a poet is great for he can quote
great poems.
The superb lover is the one
who practices, the one who makes
artwork out of loving. He desires
the Body of the Friend,
knowing that loving Her
makes him a better lover for Her.
A wise Teacher instructed a
disciple, who complained of
struggles at spiritual practice:
“Son, just knowing
how to pucker up the lips, that's a
good beginning.”
Loving the Friend and the other, one
loving; always be a beginner,
ready to give and receive
more. Doing helps you fly beyond
yourself, and being a speck of Dust
lost in the Sunlight is already
to fall into the eyes of
your sweet Friend.

* * *

©️ Brian Wilcox, 2020


Lotus of the Heart > Path of Spirit > intimacy in devotional spirituality

©Brian Wilcox 2020