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being a prayer room ~ openness as invitation to Sacredness

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When I say "Christ," this is of a Presence without creed, confession, race, economic status, age, gender, past history, ... that is, Christ is without the qualities that draw persons to belong together and exclude others from that belonging. Indeed, to the extent I exclude others, I exclude myself, for there is only one Christ, only a single Buddha, only a single, singular Grace.

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The prayer room in that seminary chapel remains a strong memory to me, not merely of a roped off prayer room, but a sign of the sacred summons for us to be a prayer room for others. What is meant to be a prayer room? Simple, very simple, this is. To be a prayer room is to be a presence that welcomes others to commune with the Holy, and in the way they choose to commune. What matters most is the spirit of prayer, not the means of prayer.

We do not have to say anything for this to be. If we live in the openness of silent Love, our presence communicates a subtle but clear invitation to Grace.

Also, we are not being a particular kind of prayer room. A true prayer room, like a prayerful being, is more than religious or nonreligious, theistic or nontheistic or agnostic or atheist, rich or poor, conservative or moderate or liberal, Buddhist or Hindu or Muslim or Catholic or Protestant, orthodox or unorthodox ~ prayer, as Grace is free, is a free space for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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The rose communicates subtly a scent. This is the sharing of itself. The rose gives a gift, not seeking a reward for the giving. Others inhale that scent. The communication is silent. The rose does not need to speak, the voice of the rose is the scent itself. The scent arises from the rose being the rose, that one particular rose manifesting roseness. So, one living in Grace, that one draws others to Grace without needing to try to draw others to Grace. The way, unspoken, of the wise being is to draw others to Grace without any effort so to do. One, then, can be compared to a room open for prayer, for he or she is being prayer, his or her life, even in sleep, remaining prayerful. This prayer is beyond words, though receptive to include words. Yet, the Spirit of the prayer is unprayable in any conventional sense and communicates first through openness itself, an openness that is welcome itself.

Yes, effort arises naturally in drawing others to Grace, as each moment of life is happening, so includes some effort. Many parts of the body are happening, spontaneously, being what they are in relation to other parts of the body. So, the effort in drawing to Grace is not effortful, the effort simply arises as one is being oneself in communion with Life, not as a goal held to achieve any effect on the other as an object separate from oneself, from Life.


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