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being one called to be beside

becoming Christ for the other

May 16, 2019

Saying For Today: He saw below what I had done. He read my heart, and he lovingly, respectfully communicated my heart to my father. He embodied love, a love that does not see merely appearance, but deeper and before appearance.

Clouds in a River (no. 1)

*Brian Wilcox. ‘Clouds in a River (no. 1)’. Flickr

when you're totally with someone, there's only one You present

* * *

It is one thing to pray for another
another thing to be the answer of that prayer for the other
in Christian terms, to become Christ for the other
so, possibly, in some sense, our prayers always point back to us
“And what are you going to do?”
We may not hear anything
We may
Our doing may be more prayer
Or some other outward act for the other
Regardless, to be Christian is to be Christ
For everyone
The spirit of Christ, or Holy Spirit,
Is this coming, so becoming, of Christ again,
And this happens only in relationship ~ so, relating

Some of us may be aware of the sensation of hunger, some of us not. Many of us eat whenever we want to eat, not when we need to eat. We have a saying in my culture, “Some eat to live, some live to eat. “ I eat to live, but rarely feel hunger. Food is always available. So, we may not recall well what it feels like for the body to plead for, even demand, nourishment.

And persons may not recall what it feels like to feel spiritually hungry. I mean, like that sense of something within knowing something is deeply missing, regardless of all going well on the surface. The heart yearns, pleads, and with the same insistence the body calls for sustenance.

Persons respond to this spirit aching in varied ways. Any addictive behavior may evidence this, including religious fanaticism. The inward ache leads persons to seek relief, as surely as to satisfy hunger. My inner ache led me to explore another religious sect and to have possibly the most blessed memory of being comforted and interceded for that I have known.


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Lotus of the Heart > Path of Spirit > becoming Christ for the other

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