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spring comes & grass grows ~ the fruition of Silence

May 17, 2019

Saying For Today: Silence teaches us a better, more wise way to live. We discover we are in a participatory communion with Life. We learn to trust Life, not our thoughts about Life.

Spring is amazing🌻 2018 🌻 #Finland

Silence is fruition itself
timeless happening arises
so fruition arises from
Silence without fruition

Silence leads us
from interference
to participation

we become the spontaneity, the naturalness,
that is fruition
leading to fruition

only the Silence
teaches the way
of Silence

do not try to see this wisdom
it will be shown to you
that, too, is fruition ~
for Truth teaches Truth
you know Truth by meeting Truth

* * *

I would like to say just one thing:
Cutting off all thinking, forgetting all conditions
While sitting here with nothing to do ~
Yet spring comes, and grass grows all by itself.

*Boep Joeng. The Mirror of Zen.

* * *

Today, in discussion with a Friend about the nature of meditation and, also, its relation to sitting in Silence in Quaker Meeting, we spoke of the nature of listening. Quakers often speak of the purpose of sitting together is to listen. Some might use "God," "Christ," "the Light," or some other word as what is being listened to ~ I prefer listened with or within, since That we speak of speaking is not an object outside us or inside us. Some persons may mean "I am listening for to speak to me, to give guidance." Others may mean something else, which I now share.


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Lotus of the Heart > Path of Spirit > the fruition of Silence

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