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a WonderFull Life - seduced into Awe

May 19, 2020

Saying For Today: The flicker of arrogance is vanquished in the SunLight of awe and wonder.

A Spirited Gathering

Brian Wilcox, 'A Spirited Gathering'

The world is
an awe-full place to

* * *

A woman stands before the Niagra Falls rapt in attention, transported in spirit. A man, a plumber standing beside her, says, "I think I can fix that."

Life, a celebration, does not need fixing; Life is not a problem. Some see this, and they live in celebration. The one most prepared to serve the good of the world is the one who already sees how wonderful Life is. Yes, a lot appears wrong with the world, but the world is not Life.

Is not a problem
To be solved,
A question to be answered.
Life is a mystery
To be contemplated,
Wondered at,
And savored.

*Anthony de Mello, “The Symphony,” Wellsprings.

* * *

In December 2004, I wrote the following to a friend, after talking by phone:

When I say things like "I am almost crying...," that is how I feel about life. And, the joy of tears - some persons do not grasp this joy that could manifest in tears of bliss. I cannot put it into words: it is the feeling of gratitude and grace. It is simply the simple, wonderful, awe-inspired sensation that witnesses to Love, and that Love is everywhere.

* * *

A seeker questioned, "I'm told I'm to fear God. But, if God is love, why fear God?" The Sage answered, "The fear of God and the love of God aren't opposites; the fear of God leads one to love of God, and the love of God leads one to fear of God."

Let all the earth fear the Living One;
let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of the Infinite!
For the One spoke, and it came to be;
the One commanded, and it arose.
*Psalm 33.8-9
The fear of the Living One is the beginning of wisdom,
and closeness with the Holy One is insight.
*Proverbs 9.10


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Lotus of the Heart > Path of Spirit > the seduction of awe

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