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the Yin & Yang of the tongue

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So, why is silence wise? Different reasons. One I imply above - to be a good listener. Another is that silence encourages us to be more inward, more contemplative, hence more content. A quiet tongue leads to a quiet spirit, even as a quiet spirit leads to a quiet tongue. Silence, likewise, and related to this previous wisdom, encourages a deeper sense of connection to Spirit. Spirit is most evident in a calm spirit; the calm of body-and-mind allows enhanced sensitivity to the Subtle. Then, when engaging in life, one is more sensitive to the Inwardness of others and all Nature.

Proverbs 10.19, in the Hebrew Bible, reads, "Speaking many words means saying things one should not say; the wise bridle the tongue." Or, rather bluntly, in the Today's Living Translation:

Too much talk leads to sin.
Be sensible and keep your mouth shut.

Another wisdom writing, James 3.6, reads:

And the tongue is a fire, a world of harm - such is the tongue among our body parts. The tongue dirties the whole body and sets afire life. Hellfire ignites the tongue.

James 3.9 has:

With the tongue, we bless the Lord and Father, while with the same tongue, we curse persons created in God's image.

Hence, the wisdom in silence is partly for silence guards against a restless tongue - the restless tongue expresses a restless mind. A wordy tongue is more likely to speak what is harmful or is worthless.

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The Sage once said, when giving guidance on wise speech:

a tongue spreads
bitter or sweet
you talk as you
your words decide what you'll

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Yet, the tongue that can harm is the tongue that can edify. Hence, we are as wise in wisely speaking as wisely not-speaking. The sagacity of silence is, likewise, the sagacity of speech, the Yin and Yang of the tongue - and fingers.

Let no foul or harmful word come out of your mouth. Only speak what edifies others, meeting their need, so inspiring and encouraging others.
*Ephesians 4.29

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️Brian Wilcox, 2020

*Sources: Quaker joke from Chuck Fager. Quakers are Funny!.

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