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Grace Surprises at Maine Dharmata

May 25, 2019

Saying For Today: In stepping into Maine Dharmata, I was stepping into the fecund ground of Grace, an open field of Dharma possibilities, of Gospel potentialities. And, I found, what Christ means to me was in the mandala of Buddha, even as a Buddhist might find the Buddha at the altar where is served the Eucharist of Christ.

Holding Promises Close

*Brian Wilcox. 'Holding Promises Close'. Flickr

Comment on above photograph taken at Back River Boat Yard, Georgetown Island, Maine ~ “’Holding Promises Close’ speaks of the new life nascent within the buds, portending a soon flowering, a revelation, an unfurling of the potential that awakens in spring and welcomes summer.”

* * *

The man, seeking God, met the Christ, though he did not recognize him. After being questioned, the man told the Christ he was seeking the blessing of God.

Said the Christ, "Then, drop it all."

The man, confused, holding his bag full of his few belongings, dropped it on the ground, hoping this was what the Christ meant.

Said the Christ, "Now, drop it all."

The man, more confused, replied, "But that is all I have to drop."

Christ said, "So, drop that, too."

Possibly, holding to our religious or spiritual ideas and experiences, these informing us in advance what Grace can and cannot do for us and where and where not and when and when not, are what most obstructs many of us from receiving that which Life offers freely, not on our terms as a self, but as Grace decides.

* * *

Interesting, the word that kept appearing during the Maine Dharmata weekly gathering, Topsham, Maine, during meeting and still continues ~ “worshipful.” Likewise, “holiness, holy."

Why interesting? First, these are words from my Christian upbringing, words no one in that history would have equated with a Buddhist gathering. Buddhism was considered an evil, deceptive cult, a denial of the Christian ‘God.’ Buddhism was considered ‘of Satan.’ Second, I myself, though now embracing of Buddhism, was surprised of these arisings, especially that the word "worshipful" would be received and felt during the gathering. And, as I listened to the teacher, Anam Thubten, I realized, that is, spirit witnessed with spirit, that this was a holy man. This witnessing was not that he was holy and we who were gathered in that meeting were not holy or not as holy, however. Indeed, I sensed the holiness of each of the other three who were present. Buddhism could say I recognized that the teacher and each other present were Buddha, or Buddhas.


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