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Prayer ~ Refractions of the Light

Into Your Arms

Jun 30, 2015


Living in LOVE beyond Beliefs


Basking in the sun

*Basking in the Sun, Aussiegall, Flickr

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The void is where God is. Empty places, empty moments are not really empty; they're pregnant. God is the potential fullness gushing out of every empty space, the ever-present possibility of a magic moment or miraculous thought. Off the blank page jumps a cosmic summons. Out of the silence came the opening chords of Beethoven's Fifth.

*Marianne Williamson. Illuminata.

* * *

Let your Prayer
take wings and fly,
cling not to its
unspoken intentions

For the finite mind
can not conceive
the plans of Wisdom
for Her Creation

A prayer, spoken or unspoken,
is only a single thread
of a universal design
eternally in the Mind of God

A myriad petitions
is only a gentle whisper
of the ineffable Word
pouring out into all the Creation

So, frame your words
in voice or silence,
but let them pass on
from you freely

Do not seek to contain
the Eternal longing
within your own
limited vision

Noble aspirations
are refractions of the Light
shining through you,
illumining all beings on their way Home

*Brian K. Wilcox. An Ache for Union. 2003. Poem revised.

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embracing the Light

*Embracing the Light, Fe Langdon, Flickr

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