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Silence reaching out and Silence hiding

the sharing of interiority

May 31, 2019

Saying For Today: Yes, some persons are called to give this gift of quiet abiding as his or her principal grace to the world. And, in doing so, one is oneed with the self-abiding of Silence. Love does not have to reach out to love, Love may or may not.

Wonder of Light

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Silence is the Unity from which we seek connection with others. Unity seeks Diversity, for Unity is prior Reality. In spirit, then, we will sense certain movements to connect with others, these will recede when fulfilled, arising again when the conditions are right.

* * *

An important clarification to we seek connection. The way of Silence in seeking connection is in oneness with Silence, or universal Presence. We return first into the Silence, learning to live in and with the Silence, so our seeking is oneed with the movements of Grace. We ourselves, as persons, grow from seeking personal attention, to allowing our connection to be a means of and invitation to Grace. The way of common society is to popularize the use and misuse of others for our egoic need to feel right, important, and attended to. This is not the way of Grace, or Love.

* * *

This does not mean one to whom Silence reaches out through us to will respond beyond his or her personality, or body-mind. Many persons do not live so as to be prepared to receive communion-in-Silence. This does not mean connection does not occur, only connection is at the depth allowed to be. ~ In my work I choose to reserve "communion" in contrast to "connection" for spirit-with-spirit, essence-with-essence, or heart-with-heart sharing.

What is important to recall, regardless, is this principle in Silence ~ Silence expresses its interiority to offer and share that interiority with others, human and otherwise. This is the Self-Donation of Life. And we cannot logically conclude this sharing is with only the 'seen' world.

* * *

A couple days ago, I was moving toward check-out at a store. I noticed there was only one line, with about 4 persons ahead of me, to be checked out by a person. The other lines were of self check-out, which would have been more efficient to get out.

Sometimes, I choose a self check-out. This day arose the desire to checkout with a person, not a machine. So, I waited in line. When, finally, checking out, the dear woman spoke with me, smiling, and we enjoyed conversation. I left, blessed to have met her, grateful I took the least efficient means. I would have missed this moment of graceful sharing if I had chosen to ignore the summons to choose the more 'personal' and 'less efficient' route.

Was this moment of sharing of the depth that other sharings are for me? Sharing differs, again, based on varied factors, including context and those sharing. Still, Silence is at the root of all potential connection, even through body-mind with body-mind.

Still, connection with others, regardless of depth, is an offering of Love. In this we learn to give and receive. We learn to give ourselves into the Silence that extends itself to express itself as Love for everyone.

* * *

This does not mean Silence will always reach out to connect. Silence is always present, and as Presence offers its presence, for Presence cannot not be-present. Sometimes, however, this present Presence hides. Presence as particularized in the self-system may manifest as the need to turn in on itself. Yet, this turning-in is better seen as an abiding in itself, which to others might appear as a turning away. In societies that stress the primacy of fellowship as personal-sharing, persons who manifests this abiding-in more than others are comfortable with, may be seen to be loners or anti-social or selfish.

In these times of abiding-in, we learn to relax into this hiding, not feeling we must connect to be seen a certain way by others. There is no mandate in Grace to always be receptive to connection. Yes, some persons are called to give this gift of quiet abiding as his or her principal grace to the world. And, in doing so, one is oneed with the self-abiding of Silence. Love does not have to reach out to love, Love may or may not.

* * *

As mentioned above, conditions can affect connection. I have not written in a few days, being holed up sick with a viral infection. So, connection, even in writing, has been affected by the body-mind needing to restore its balance. So, the sense of connection has been limited also with Presence in prayer and silence. Even writing this work is a challenge, since balance has not been restored fully. I have connected with others silently, but the body-mind has had limited sense of connection. At times, a momentary sense of connection has arisen, but the body-mind could not sustain it; yet, I was thankful when it arose, even if briefly.

So, we need to respect and accept conditions that, at times, will limit connection, and guitelessly accept. As long as the essence is linked with the body-mind, limitations will exist in our being a Sacrament of Silence.

Even on a purely body-mind level, too much availability to and with others is unhealthy. Such constant availability likely points to a need for ego to prove its worth through pleasing others. To live in Grace and honor Silence is learning that "No" is simply the other side of "Yes." "Yes" and "No" equally inhere in the "Yes" of Grace.

* * *

To conclude and clarify. Silence, or Presence, always is present to be received, so, in that sense, the Self-Sharing never ceases. Yet, the motion of Silence reaching out itself for connection is not always the way of Silence. Silence equally acts as an abiding in itself, not seeking other than the sharing of its own abiding-presence. As to how a person can be apart from others and still know this extension of Silence in connection with others, that is a matter I am hopeful to share soon. Peace!

* * *

An Aspiration Prayer

may all beings feel loved and freely loving
may their suffering be transformed into bliss
and grace given to alleviate the suffering of others
that all may live in the fullness of love, joy, and peace.
Amen ~ We say joyfully It is so!

A new Reality

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