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Thy with Thy

You Under Your Skin

Jun 4, 2015


Living in LOVE beyond Beliefs


When I say "Thy," I do not simply refer to some deity off somewhere else or invisible everywhere. You are "Thy" to me, I am "Thy" to you. There is one "Thy." We are shapes of Love, expressions of God. We are a tapestry of a single Grace. If I pray, "God, be with me," someone shows up, and I see another ray of the one supernal Sun, I see Love everywhere. And, when I truly see you, not just look at you, I see through your skin to the Heart you are. Your very presence is a reminder to me I am not alone, cannot be alone. Just being this presence of Thy for one another, apart from any agenda to do anything but be there, wherever there is at the time, is Love.

I sat beside her, leaning over to be close. I saw the years in her face, aged and wise, and love. I knew little of her history, but knew her, for soul communes with soul.

She could not speak intelligibly to me. I talked with her - you know, just because someone cannot reply intelligibly, may not even be able to speak, does not mean you cannot talk together. I sang to her. I hummed music with her. She soon smiled. I kept hearing inside the words, for her, "You're not alone." I thanked her for loving everyone she had loved; I do not know them, but they live inside her Heart.

This is Love. This is enough. For one hour, she was not alone, reminded she is not alone. For one hour, she was loved, as she is always loved. I, too.

Love is this simply profound. We can communicate in so many ways, "You're not alone." And, when we do, we are reminded we are never alone, too. My not being alone means that you are not alone. The Presence we share is our presence, for Grace manifests its desire for communion through us. Oneness dances in and as the plurality of presences, the tapestry of diversified appearances. We are not alone, for Grace is not alone.


*Together, Agnisoonu K, Flickr

*Lotus of the Heart is a Work of Arem Nahariim-Samadhi ~ someone in love with Life and inviting others to that same ecstasy of Love ~ and, by the way, herein is nothing he claims as his own.


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