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Ordinary & Beautiful Together

The Sun Is The Sun

Jun 5, 2015


Living in LOVE beyond Beliefs


I think... if it is true that
there are as many minds as there
are heads, then there are as many
kinds of love as there are hearts.

*Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

I once wanted to be special. I wanted to be especially holy, and I wanted persons to know I was especially holy. Thankfully, all that failed, and I am glad to be ordinary like everyone else.

The Sun is the Sun, for the Sun is the Sun. We unbecome what we became to be who we have always been.

What is most true and natural has no need to have an agenda to become anything else. I am One Taste with everyone else; we are the diversification of the Universe.

We together are ordinary and beautiful. We are that, for we are that. There is no secret to all this. The Truth already lives in your Heart. Everyone sees this everywhere, more and more are recognizing that they do see this everywhere.


*Diversity..., Priya Shaihgal, Flickr

*Lotus of the Heart is a Work of Arem Nahariim-Samadhi ~ someone in love with Life and inviting others to that same ecstasy of Love ~ and, by the way, herein is nothing he claims as his own.


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