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Flowing Along ~ at the Edge of the Known

Jul 14, 2018


Living in LOVE beyond Beliefs


What we long for is always present, hiding in plain sight. Every situation we encounter contains the truth of our existence. Utterly reliable and always ungraspable, we are never separate from this mysterious aliveness.

*David Rynick. This Truth Never Fails: A Zen Memoir in Four Seasons.

* * *

She said how she enjoyed the message. She said, "I am not sure I get the point. You know, maybe it's like how it comes to you, later after you think on it for a time." Smiling, I say, "Maybe that is the point." She looks up at me, "What do you mean?" Laughing, I say, "Maybe, there is no point. Maybe, that is the point."

In the moment
acting free of knowledge
acting from natural, spontaneous intelligence
an intelligence not of the thought-process
acting in which the dead past is not imposing onto
the newly born present
in this pure action is freedom ~
freedom can never be carried over from the past
arises afresh in the timeless moment
always now.

* * *

Living from the Silence,
you find yourself speaking and acting more and more from
no purpose at all.
We have been driven so by purpose, this is
a slow adjustment for us.
We, presently, find it confusing to think of
a productive but not purpose-driven life.
We struggle to trust the aliveness
present always right here, a here that is
so is always the same wherever we are.
You will find a way of being no longer pushed along
by having to reach a goal.
You may reach goals.
Yet, you will not be defined by meeting goals,
nor will they be shoving you along hurriedly
to prove something or to be something.
You know Life has no purpose attached to it,
so you know the joy of acting in the moment
with no attachment to purpose,
you are free from having to have a purpose,
rather you enjoy being part of the flowing
of Life flowing free of the hurried rush
to become, to get, to get to.
A River flows naturally, without need,
blessed are the moments you feel free of need.
You may be acting or speaking but
in Pure Love this is like dancing to dance
or dancing because you enjoy to dance.
You just dance and your dancing
invites others to dance too,
enjoying the dance with you.
The dance may make a difference in and for others
but you know you are not the difference maker and
do not want to be ~ you know you are no one
playing a role of someone.
We prayerfully dispose ourselves to be carried along
at the edge of the known, like being borne on
the crest of a wave by the power of the wave.
Grace is the Wave and the Power of the Wave.
Living from prayerful Silence,
we learn a more graceful way of being ~
and that way of being is already right here, now.


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The Sacred in Me bows
to the Sacred in You


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