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On that day in June 2007, I also wrote:

I embrace and celebrate freedom to experience G-D [God] in a way that fits Brian, even as I celebrate the many ways I see others know G-D. This moving into myself - body, mind, soul, spirit -, is a deeply-felt sacramental grace. To accept myself fully and celebrate all I am may be the greatest offering I can give back to G-D, as well as the most gracious gift I can give to those who live around me. Possibly, by sacramental movement into the particularity of my life, I will be an invitation for them to do the same.

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One of my contemplative vows is the Sacrament of the Present Moment. Here, the intent is to live realizing each moment is the means of Grace, of the Presence of Life. Even those moments that appear or feel graceless, the vital, alive Grace is present and active. Later, I came to see how this applies to everyone in her personhood. Each self is a potential means of Grace. Everyone we meet is potentially a Sacrament of Presence for us. Hence, we close today with words from the Zen Buddhist priest Tai Sheridan, and his poem "People."

Knowing yourself
is knowing others
and knowing others
is knowing yourself

You are inseparable from everyone
Everything inside of you
is a response to something
you experienced in the world

Your inner biology
is organized to interact
with the world
and is made of stuff
formed in galactic space

Living in Heart Buddha
means opening to the unique
life and dignity of ‘others’
taking a genuine interest
in what makes them tick
their strengths and weakness

This requires an open non-judgmental mind
people don’t exist to fulfill your expectations

Living without expectations
is the sane approach to people
because it makes room
for them and you

*Living in Buddha's Three Bodies

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(C) Brian K. Wilcox, 2020

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