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God in the Doorway


Jun 14, 2015


Living in LOVE beyond Beliefs



*Devotion, Mark Johnston, Flickr

... So I'll stop this pretending that I can
Somehow deserve what I already have ...

* * *

I bow
not to get a Grace not already given
but for I, loved by Grace, love Grace ~ one Loving ~
and Grace enjoys the giving of Itself
in Love to Love

so, I bow
and will bow
and the bowing will be always, I pray,
gladly, humbly, thankfully
to my Love, our Beloved

A man longed to see and hear God. He went out to a hilltop, where he yelled out and pleaded with God, "Speak to me!". A bird sang. Disappointed, the man begged God to speak, and all he heard were children playing in the distance. "Please God, touch me!", he cried, and wind blew across his cheek. Still discouraged at God not answering, the man prayed ardently, "God, show yourself to me!", A butterfly flew across his path. He gave up. He got home, convinced God had abandoned him. His daughter ran out to greet him. He, still, believed and felt God had left him.

God is That seeking us, Goddess is That appearing all the time. One sees and is gladdened, is thankful. The other seeks to see, and keeps seeking to see. But how to see? To end the seeking? Is there any how?

* * *

Possibly, children teach us the most about seeing the Sacredness. Myrtle Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, found a little boy. She took him into her house to give him a bath. During the bath she talked at length to the boy about God. Suddenly, the door opened and there stood Charles, Myrtle's husband. The little lad's eyes opened wide, and he asked, "Is that God?".

Touch Love, and you touch God, you touch Goddess, and you are touched by God, by Goddess. Sacredness seeks to share Itself, to fulfill Itself, through our interactions with Life on a daily basis. This can come in highly abstract ways, or as clear and physical as someone appearing in an open door.

Where do we see God? We could as easily and as wisely inquire, “Where do we not see God?” Seeing God is not about God, seeing God is about you and me. God sees us in our seeing God. We could even say God is the seeing. We can cease the seeking of God at a particular place or in a special way and, then, Sacredness unfolds itself before our eyes as an unending epiphany of ordinariness and Mystery. Then, we seek no more., or, possibly, seeking becomes simply the dance of Grace dancing with Itself. For how can we find what is already given, what was and cannot be lost? How can I say “Love me,” if I am already loved, unless, “Love me” is itself the prayer of Love. I get the idea that we are all inside God's Story, all a part of Goddess Herself playing hide-n-seek with Herself, and us. So, already seeing, we can play the game of not-seeing, if we choose and, then, what we have already seen to be always can be found again, and we can rejoice at the finding.

* * *

Silent Prayer

*Lotus of the Heart is a Work of Arem Nahariim-Samadhi ~ someone in love with Life and inviting others to that same ecstasy of Love ~ and, by the way, herein is nothing he claims as his own.


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