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Pearls from the Sky ~ Poem

Reflections from Solitude and Silence No. 23

Jun 19, 2018


This is the twenty-third of the series of reflections arising from a month in silence and solitude; the musings invite the reader to explore the Truth for himself or herself. May the writer's reflections be windows to look in, or out, onto the vista of our one Beloved, our deepest, truest Self. Peace! Brian K

* * *

why not
rather than
fearful ~
even if arises again, later ~
of what might happen

why not
be enthused
about what good
is about to happen

this shift from
constriction of spaciousness
to opening even further

why walk
looking to the ground
when the Sky waits your smiling gaze

takes only
this one moment
one moment


what happens

sent by Grace
rain pearls
eyes cannot see
only heart can believe


a storm
ominous and loud
is not real


the rain
the pearls


a pearl
in the glittering Pure Life
is worth more than
a myriad in the hand


rain from the heart
refreshing, glistening at your every turn
is worth more than
all the droplets onto the ground


hope without clinging to hope
pray with grateful love
see with the Beloved's eyes


a planted seed
tended well
becomes, by Grace, a dream come true

to pray and hope
for what you have never dreamed for


the loveliest gifts, unseen and unthought,
lie waiting to be summoned by trust
from the Heart of all hearts

* * *

Pray to beyond what you most deeply wish for, for beyond lies possibilities and blessings you have not and cannot begin rightly to esteem, for them you cannot even 'see.' Pray from and into that unknown, for there in potential is fulfillment that remains always prior to longing itself.


* * *

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