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Bliss Before All Happiness

Awaiting on You All

Jun 19, 2015


Living in LOVE beyond Beliefs



*Together, Agnisoono K, Flickr

* * *

An awakened life,
Is Being completely, deeply still
Present and awake,
Directly in the heart of whatever we are doing
Whoever we are with
Wherever we are
In each and every moment

*Barbara Jean

* * *

You as person are personal
You as Presence are not
personal or impersonal
Just Is
Even to say
Presence is Presence
is an addition to Presence
Presence Itself
is known by subtraction
of all you can think or say of Presence
Learn to enjoy
Presence being Presence
without any identity given to Presence
by letting mind and body
relax into the sense of Nothingness
and you will discover this Nothingness
is the Bliss before all happiness
is the Love before all loving
is the Fulness of everything
is You Yourself before any
thought of You as you

* * *

Silent Prayer

*Silent Prayer, Zeeshan Sattar, Flickr

* * *

*Lotus of the Heart is a Work of Arem Nahariim-Samadhi ~ a Hospice Chaplain, interspiritual author, writer, poet, and bicyclist. He is someone in love with Life and inviting others to that same ecstasy of Love ~ and, by the way, herein is nothing he claims as his own.



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