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A Wounding Love

Reflections from Silence and Solitude No. 29

Jun 25, 2018

Saying For Today: Love leads us to new fidelities, as Love is seen differently through our time with one we love.

Christ the Redeemer

This is the twenty-nineth of the series of reflections arising from a month in silence and solitude; the musings invite the reader to explore the Truth for himself or herself. May the writer's reflections be windows to look in, or out, onto the vista of our one Beloved, our deepest, truest Self. Peace! Brian K

* * *

The following poem, written in the solitude, reflects back on what my religious upbringing, Christian, Baptist, referred to as 'invite Christ into your heart.' Now, almost 50 years later, I see Christ differently and the same ~ I guess that is how it is with all intimate relationships. I no longer claim a particular theology, or dogma, about Christ. I do sense a paradox of Jesus being Christ, but Christ being much, much more. And I feel no need to defend, in a culture oft belittling of Christ, this heartfelt connection lingering inside over these years past to now. Sadly, most identify Christ with one tradition, Christianity. I cannot and need not stop loving Him, even if I have become disconnected from the church that claims to represent Him. Christ, to me, is not a Christian Christ. I respect, however, He remains that to many, even though I found the church unwelcoming of my experience of Christ and, so, I no longer associate with it. Love leads us to new fidelities, as Love is seen differently through our time with one we love. So, possibly, my Love for Christ has led me from the commitment to the tradition in which I invited Him into my heart. And, possibly, I can encourage others to know that they can leave the church and still love Christ. And, possibly, what I truly am saying is that, to me, Christ is Love.


to feel love
like I did
in that little, red-brick, country church
philadelpha, 'church of family love'
sunday night aged 9
(tears, tears, tears)
opened me up
eyes and heart, all of me
like lightening slicing open the sky
scarring for life
no curative cauterizing for that
no one can fall into
the relentless arms of the Beloved
disarmed by kindness like Christ gives
and come away
not awakened
under lock and key for life
(sure, he and I have run together from him to him
so Iíve stopped running)
when that Grace pulls you in
youíre a charmed captive before you know it
a mouth only able to say yes
(even saying no you're saying yes)
there beside the pierced side
being washed in blood, water, and who knows whatever
to live this newness of life where existence dies
what love! love
leaving you wondrously wounded for life


* * *

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